January 5th, 2014


January 5th, 2014


22 Responses to “January 5th, 2014”
  1. Oerwinde says:

    Hank Pym was so awesome on that show. Too bad they went and threw away Ant Man by giving the suit to Scott Lang. Dude is a tool. Hank as Yellowjacket just wasn’t nearly as good.

  2. Harlequin Pym says:

    I remember that episode! And I loved, then comes something very interesting with Hank… thing that excites me, btw!!! Oh, I can’t wait to see the first trailer!!!!

  3. tippiviolet says:

    I was hoping for Whishaw, honestly- but I’ll watch Paul Rudd in anything, so I’m hoping those rumours are true.

  4. Drew Douglas says:

    Ewan McGregor needs to be Pym. Anyone else will just kill me. Well, not really. But I do think McGregor would be perfect.

  5. David Ratajczak says:

    My Ant-Man fanart !
    David Ratajczak

  6. Sumit Dutta says:

    Hope they model Wasp on the EMH version – she was so fun

  7. Anna says:

    EMH <3

  8. AmberGrindstaff says:

    oh boy :)

  9. Juan says:

    Scott Lang?

  10. Nicolas Vogt says:

    To Steal an Ant-Man. Hmmm.

  11. Reeg says:

    You guys do realize this implies that Scott Lang will be Ant-Man and not Hank Pym, right? The image is from the Marvel animated series Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The episode it comes from is “To Steal an Ant-Man,” and the story features Scott Lang steeling Hank Pym’s Ant-Man gear and using it to be a criminal.

    • sackman11 says:

      Not really “using it to be a criminal”. He’s using it to save his dying/kidnapped daughter. He robs banks that are Hydra fronts in order to ransom her. The Avengers cartoon makes some changes from the Marvel Premiere introduction of Scott Lang, but the general stories are fairly close.

  12. Rodrigo Spotorno says:

    That`s gonna be badass!!

  13. Michael__Rassbender says:

    To steal an Ant-Man ey…… Its a damn shame if you totally drop Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne. But the fact that you are watching EMH as homework is a small comfort. That show was spot on. Too bad disney dropped it, and made the gawd awful Avengers Assemble series…….

  14. reilly_tyne says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen… Just kidding. You rock and I can’t wait to see what you do with Ant-Man.

  15. Damien Collins says:

    Oh so Scotty’s gonna be theiving Hanks stuff. EXCELLENT

  16. Letícia Magalhães says:

    So excited about it!

  17. Sarah5636 says:

    The first Ant-Man picture of many I hope:)

  18. disqus_8fqWaBvwiH says:

    Is that from Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? I loved that show! Especially the Wasp. If you are writing Janet van Dyne please take notes from this show on how to do her justice!!

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