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Edgar Wright’s Official Biography

Edgar Wright has evolved from a young film geek wanting to prove himself to one of the most sought-after geeks working in film today.

Raised in Somerset, England, as a young teenager he embarked on making short films with a Super 8 camera. He continued to make many more shorts after he won a Video 8 camera in a Comic Relief contest, awarded him for his film I Want to Get Into the Movies, which was an animated allegory about wheelchair access.

At age 20, he directed A Fistful of Fingers, a no-budget feature film starring local teen actors and shot on 16mm. The unlikely British Western was put into limited theatrical release and paved the way for his foray into television with the Paramount Comedy Channel. While there, Mr. Wright directed the sketch show Mash and Peas, with future Little Britain stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams; and the sitcom Asylum, for which he joined forces with future collaborators Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes.

While still in his early 20s, he directed several comedy shows for the BBC including Merry-Go-Round, Is It Bill Bailey?, Murder Most Horrid, Sir Bernard’s Stately Homes, and French and Saunders.

Mr. Wright gained notice in the U.K. when he directed the two seasons of Spaced for Channel 4. The series, which starred and was written by Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes, won two British Comedy Awards, and was nominated BAFTA Awards and an International Emmy Award. Over the years, the show built up an international cult following and in 2008 the trio toured the U.S. in honor of the DVD release.

The series served as a launching pad for the 2004 movie Shaun of the Dead, which Mr. Wright directed and co-wrote with Simon Pegg, who starred with Spaced alumnus Nick Frost. The Working Title “rom zom com” was a sleeper box office success; was nominated for two BAFTA Awards, including Outstanding British Film of the Year; and won the British Independent Film Award (BIFA) for Best Screenplay. Cited by Time Magazine as one of the Top 25 Horror Films of all time, the movie also earned an Empire Award for Best British Film and a Saturn Award for Best Horror Film. Original zombie master George Romero went so far as to proclaim it his “favorite zombie film.”

It was followed by the action comedy Hot Fuzz, which Mr. Wright again directed and co-wrote with Simon Pegg, who reteamed with Nick Frost to play the lead roles. The Working Title movie topped the U.K. box office charts for three weeks and grossed $90 million worldwide. The film won a National Movie Award and an Empire Award, both for Best Comedy.

Mr. Wright directed the faux trailer “Don’t” for Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s epic Grindhouse; and, for producer Peter Jackson and director Steven Spielberg, co-wrote The Adventures of Tintin with Steven Moffat and Joe Cornish.

His next feature as director was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, a unique blend of romance, comedy, action, and fantasy which he produced and co-wrote with Michael Bacall. Based on the graphic novels of Bryan Lee O’Malley, the movie starred Michael Cera in the title role and also showcased such rising stars as Brie Larson, Ellen Wong, and Aubrey Plaza. The screenplay received a Bradbury Award nomination from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and the film received, among other honors, the Empire Award for Best Director; a Comedy Central Comedy Award for Best Director; two Scream Awards; a GLAAD Media Award nomination for Outstanding Film – Wide Release; and two Satellite Awards including Best Picture – Comedy or Musical.

Mr. Wright executive-produced Joe Cornish’s feature directorial debut Attack the Block; and Ben Wheatley’s acclaimed Sightseers, starring Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, both of whom can be seen in The World’s End.

His upcoming projects include the long-awaited screen incarnation of Marvel Comics’ Ant-Man for Marvel Studios, on which he is director, screenwriter, and producer; and Baby Driver, for Working Title Films.

In 2011, Mr. Wright was honored with the Empire Awards’ Inspiration Award.

  • Nick Molnar

    Dear Edgar,

    It goes without saying because I’m here writing in the first place but you are my favorite director working today and I absolutely love your films, I’m writing this having just picked up the newly released Baby Driver blu-ray. I’ve constantly wondered since I saw the movie in theaters, do you have any more of the countless mix-tapes made by Baby as shown in the film? I love the “Was He Slow?” track and have been wondering ever since if you had created any more of those conversational mixes that did not appear in the film? If those exist I want to get my hands on them sooo badly. Keep up the great work man! You make the most detailed and engaging films out there!

    Nick Molnar, Connecticut

  • sj

    Hello Mr. Wright
    Well… I am a fan of yours, am called SooJung, and am from Seoul, Korea which you have been to recently.
    I just watched your new film ‘Baby Drive’, and my instant reaction to it was like ‘wow! This is really fantastic!’. ‘Baby Driver’ gave me a pure excitement which I had not felt for a while. Above all, I deeply fell in love with your songs and music choice in the movie.
    I could not help myself wondering whose song choice they were and if they were songs from Mr. wright’s playlist. Becasue those music style in the movie reminded me of Tarantino’s movies. Your previous films also show how you use music efficiently and properly, but this time cannot be more perfect. It is just way too perfect.
    So, I really would like to ask you of your method of choosing songs and music for your films, and what is your favorite movie when it comes to music in movies.
    As a member of the biggest movie community in Korea, the members of the community are your huge fans.
    If you write me back a line or two, I would appreciate it.
    I hope I can read my community your precious response.

  • sj

    Hello Mr. Wright
    Well… I am a fan of yours, am called SooJung, and am from Seoul, Korea which you have been to recently.
    I just watched your new film ‘Baby Drive’, and my instant reaction to it was like ‘wow! This is really fantastic!’. ‘Baby Driver’ gave me a pure excitement which I had not felt for a while. Above all, I deeply fell in love with your songs and music choice in the movie.
    I could not help myself wondering whose song choice they were and if they were songs from Mr. wright’s playlist. Becasue those music style in the movie reminded me of Tarantino’s movies. Your previous films also show how you use music efficiently and properly, but this time cannot be more perfect. It is just way too perfect.
    So, I really would like to ask you of your method of choosing songs and music for your films, and what is your favorite movie when it comes to music in movies.
    As a member of the biggest movie community in Korea, the members of the community are your huge fans.
    If you write me back a line or two, I would appreciate it.
    I hope I can read my community your precious response.
    Thank you so much
    Sincerely, SooJung

  • Kitkat Ratamatatt

    I love your movies, thank you. ♡

  • Su Patterson

    hey edgar we grew up in totnes came to London. back staging it on pop fashion and art food,,
    cold play and you being almost as funkadleic as ,,kl f our totnes pop band the west country bring out comicness and fun with bil lbalies as standup comedy,but the uncanny ,comic connections,,and ideologies,,divine intervention etc has to be confronted,,in this instance,, there ,writer ,,everything went ,,lahlah lah when i found out1999 my first son was deaf,,,,your film baby driver now he is 21 effected ,,very deeply as a deaf man him and he would love to meet you,,and help you do baby driver two accompanied rap back ,on his life in the deaf community London as an artists and lover of fast cars,,and anti war gang block buster ,he has all the locations and sights he just needs u when u next in London,,he is Leonardo Patterson on Facebook but as his mum-an interpreter ,,i have to translate he wants to take u top the 32 floor of the shade, an ask u how come sign language music blips u got him quite emotional echoes his child hood with his Jamaican father ,, ,,he just wants the anti war second mix,,none violent comedy,,with bil bailey unit as a mixed race teenager growing up in south London,he has seen the ,,how gangs nonviolence ,,have ruined it ,,for , cant give any more away he cant work out how to meet your pr ,,as he is dyslexic ,,soi he is getting me to write this ,,Lamborghini,,s are his love,,its cosmic ,,could u make a,,deaf teeagers dream come true ,,we could meet you clpahm picture house where wesaw bay driver with subitles at thier subtitles for deaf club every Thursday,,can you messge me onfacebook messgenr,,thanks his deaf club ,,eevry wed,,would also love avisit ,,deaf club central,reards su and ,,,leonardo patterson,,,

  • Mathew Fleming

    You have reached perfection. Your movie, Baby Driver was so well done that I was almost brought to tears. Maybe it was because the guy next to me who ate too many onion rings… But never mind that. The way you portrayed your fears, emotions, weaknesses into the directional work was so well done you might miss it. I have no idea how you and your team pulled off this masterpiece. I could go on and on about all the small subtleties added to create perfection, but you already know that. You did it. You immortalized yourself because of this. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see how you work, and what you think.

    True Genius.

    You put a drive in me like no other. Thank you Edgar; Truly, Thank you!
    Also, Baby with no ear buds yet the music still plays while Debora was around. And Bellbottoms song playing at the beginning as the action builds up as if saying that the action is building up towards what he wants.
    This is your rainbow
    -Mathew Fleming

  • Niuder Radínski

    let me work with you. i’ll do anything, but I like editing. i’ll even work for free if you want. contact me at niuder@hotmail.com. please.

  • Architecte Miniatura

    I build scale models. I’ve added your final scene in Hot Fuzz to my homage about scale models used in films, which I sincerely hope you will enjoy: http://moviemodels.me

  • Japalian

    Liked Ant Man very much but it would have been so much more of an incredible movie if Edgar Wright had directed it. Marvel dropped the ball but not surprising considering the control freaks they apparently are according to many of the principle players.
    Mainstream studios do not appreciate for E.W.’s most individual and incredible vision…too bad!

  • rob

    Recent LA Laker here available to act in your movie 323-863-3310

  • Daniel

    Edgar, I am a huge fan of your work. I love the way you mix genres and enjoy the hell out of your movies. Please check out the trailer for my upcoming Documentary:

  • Jeffersonian

    Dear Edgar Wright,

    There are a handful of filmmakers who I get excited for, and you’re right there at the top of my list. The Cornetto Trilogy has been such an inspiration to me. Thank you. Shaun Of The Dead was a REAL zombie film AND the funniest film I had ever seen (until Hot Fuzz), Hot Fuzz totally changed the way I look at story arc, the way it escalated and escalated and then jumped into intense action was fantastic! The World’s End had everything I loved about the first two and then some, I’ve been sharing it with everyone I know who hasn’t seen it yet over many a pint. The way the cinematography/editing/sound is just as much an asset to the comedy as the dialogue sets your films apart from most. You are a MASTER filmmaker, up there with Bergman and Fellini and all the greats! I mean it!

    Thank you,

  • Hixton Brill


    I owe you £35 for a taxi. It’s been eating away at me for 7 years.


  • StandAsYouAre

    Dear Edgar,

    Will SPACED ever come out of Bluray?
    I’ve got the DVD set but I would love to get a Bluray copy one day.

  • Richard Kraus

    Dear Mr. Wright,

    First of all, I would like to say thank you for making the Ant-Man movie. It means a lot to me.
    Second, I would like to make a suggestion for the movie: Feature Hank Pym as the main character instead of Scott Lang. Pym was the original Ant-Man, and more commonly associated with the name. Second, Pym is an emotionally disturbed person in the comics, and one of the most interesting characters, while Lang is very bland, and although he has lost a lot, he is anything but disturbed. It would mean a lot to me if Pym were the main character, and even just switching the names of the two characters would mean a lot to me.

    –Most likely the biggest Ant-Fan in the world

  • edgar wright. right… i wright right to you for the first time to tell you you are the most inspirational director i know. your prowess, your pinpoint direct philosophy, your use of film, your genuine love for the medium and the people within the medium, and everything that you stand for i salute. i will be sure to share your movies with my children when they come of age. you’re just one of the greatest artists on planet earth. i’d love to learn from you. sincerely,

  • David White

    Does anyone know a fan mail address??

  • Bhavatarini d’Avoine

    Hello Mr Edgar Wright,
    I am a 23 years old girl. I’ve always wanted to become an actress. But where I live, I can’t find a way to become one. Please help me

  • Mars Sentinel

    I laughed my ass off – literally.

    “We are your facilitators!”


  • Mars Sentinel

    Mr Wright

    I watched TWE.

    I have a question: where did you learn the Secret?

    My mouth fell open when the alien being literally explained the nature of humanity, Earth, our history, and our future in clear, unambiguous language.

    I wonder whether you are Illumined or a whistleblower.

    Either way – nicely done.

    You have dumped the Truth all over us.

    Now – to see who notices.

    That’s the trick.

    But I have a question. What are the tattoo’d people in the final scene? I grok them as humans, but the tattoos…….. this indicates organic human and not hybrid/machine/alien? Or else the tatts are runic, hyperlinks?

    See? The Handle is slippery. You grasp it with a cheer and then it slips away with a clang.


  • Cynthia

    Hi guys,
    Is the anyone that knows how to contact Edgar personally about auditioning for upcoming movies?
    An aspiring actress

  • Guest

    Hello, I wish to become an actress. Please help!

  • Sofia Shtaigman

    Dear Edgar Wright,

    I represent London College of Contemporary Arts.
    I was wondering if you would be interested to come to our college and give a talk to our creative media production students about your work.
    I believe your experience in the filmmaking industry would be truly inspirational.
    Here is a short information about our college:
    London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA), London’s fastest growing college specialising in higher and further education in arts, design, fashion and hospitality.
    LCCA’s main ambition is to provide future professionals with the skills and technical-knowledge necessary to launch a rewarding career. The programmes are specifically designed to bridge the gap between education and employment and to equip our students with all the essential skills and experience desired by potential employers.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Many thanks and kind regards,


  • Paola

    Dearest Edgar:
    As an aspiring film maker and a self-proclaimed cinephile,i must say i truly admire your work, although i’m “young” i’ve always been interested in art and your work is truly inspirational to me,i can’t really put into words how happy your movies make me,hopefully in the future i’ll get to make great movies like you too,i’d just like to thank you for directing such great movies!!!,you truly are great and wow i can’t even express how cool i think you are with words.

    Greetings from Mexico!,x
    p.s: here’s just a little something i drew,it’s for you and i hope you like it :-),cheerio~

  • Tempest Goyette

    Dear Edgar Wright,

    I would like to start by saying that I love your movies Scott pilgram and Shaun of the dead. Both are hilarious. 🙂

    However I saw that your going to be one of the writers for the movie Ant-Man and I have a request. I was informed that in the older comics Ant-Man was on the Autism Spectrum. I was hoping that could be in the movie as well.

    As someone who has Asperger Syndrome I can say it would mean a great deal to me and others on the spectrum to see a Superhero who also has Asperger’s or a form of Autism.

    Thank you very much for your time



  • Max Olmsted

    I also have an affinity for blue goo:

  • Shaun Givens

    Your Short film Dead Right is what inspired me to want to go into film making. would absolutely love the chance to work with, or at least meet-and-greet you.

  • Jennie Jarvis

    If at all possible, I would love to get permission, in writing (or just on here) that says that I can share your Shaun of the Dead screenplay with my screenwriting students. I’d love to use it in the classroom as an example of a well written screenplay. Can be on Twitter if needed. I’m @JarvisWrites

  • Maaxxx

    Edgar you’re from Poole, I’m from Poole, I can only aspire to be as successful as you coming from a small seaside town. Big things come from small places I guess. Keep up the fantastic work!!

  • George White

    Edgar, pleasecontact me rambunctiouseedjit@hotmail.com to answer the questions Ive asked you but never answered, i.e. what is your Agatha Christie movie moment, your favourite ITC movie, the worst portrayal of the UK you have seen clearly filmed somewhere else and have you seen The Cassandra Crossing?

  • EdgarPino

    hi Edgar Wright…. quiero ser el protagonista de ant man!

  • Carlton Newman

    Hi Edgar,

    I have an idea for a film… yes I DO appreciate you have heard this many, many times before… but I wondered what you think:

    It’s simple. Based in London @ the time of the riots, it involves an ‘Ed’or ‘Danny’ type of guy, with an appropriate lady ‘dragon’ type, a smarmy ‘toff’ type; other people; a love interest, and a gang of mixed race, mixed sex rioters. It is set in a library, in a mall, and the plot is simple: Save the library from the rioters. The guide title will be ‘Ronan the Librarian’.

    I think there’s a fun story to be told from the riots. I also think it would both work and sell as a concept, and as a film.

    I would appreciate your opinion on this idea.

  • Caomh Mc Gillion

    Dear:Edgar wright
    Shaun of the dead, hot fuzz, spaced and the worlds end I could another’s 10 years worth of you and the Wright crew(Simon pegg ,nick frost etc.)and not get bored in the slightest.Thanks for give us 2 greatest comedies ever! and the the epic conclusion will be here soon enough, hey Edgar ever taken a short cut before? Your a great director can’t for Antman too.”little hand says it time to rock and roll”

  • disqus_J0aKieowKw

    Dear Edgar Wright,

    My name is Anthony Ashford. As a young and recent Film and Television Studies graduate, and just an all-around movie, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your films.

    Though I have not seen “A Fistful of Fingers” or seen the shows that you have written, produced, or directed, I’m a huge fan of “Shaun of the Dead,” “Hot Fuzz,” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” “Hot Fuzz” is easily one of my favorite films that I have ever seen. Witty and incredible dialogue (such not one line in that film is wasted or isn’t brilliantly funny), brilliant cuts, sharp visual storytelling, interesting characters who you can actually give a damn about, and a conclusion that you totally did not see coming.

    And “Scott Pilgrim,” oh-my-gosh! A visual masterpiece. Finally, a film that gives laud to the gamer culture without giving into big blockbuster action peer pressure. “Scott Pilgrim” is truly a work of art, comedy and action that stands alone. Its unique style and quirks (relating to the gaming world and even to “hipster culture”) are priceless.

    While I am truly in awe with each work of yours that I have seen, there has always be just ONE thing that truly bothers me about your films. As I said before, I have not seen very many of your television shows or films before “Shaun of the Dead,” much of this criticism will be based on your works after 2004. Perhaps you have even already acknowledged this in your future films or perhaps someone else (another fan or just a colleague) has brought this to your attention. So, please forgive me if you’ve heard this before.

    In my opinion, most of your biggest films feature LITTLE TO NO PEOPLE OF COLOR. In other words, except for Knives Chau and Matthew Patel, both characters from the derivative work of the “Scott Pilgrim” graphic novels, there are almost NO other main or secondary characters who are NOT white. While I understand that most of your films take place in England or Canada, I feel like an all-white cast in such metropolitan areas like Toronto and other locations in England is sort of misleading and under-representative of the ethnic and racial diversity of these areas.

    As an African American man, I find it harder to absolutely love and fawn over a Edgar Wright film when I don’t get to see any black characters, unless they are zombies or background pieces. Plus, I find it harder to get my black (and other minority) movie buffs in love with your awesome films when almost EVERYONE IN THE MOVIE IS WHITE. I am not trying to say that I have a problem with predominantly white casts, or white people in film. I was able to suspend this criticism for “Hot Fuzz” because it took place in a rural, conservative English community, but something like “Shaun of the Dead” or “Scott Pilgrim” has no excuse for the lack of racial/ethnic diversity in casting.

    Like I said, I love your movies, and I truly hope that you continue to do more great and hilarious works of arts, comedy, and action, but, as a black movie buff and a film studies student, PLEASE INCLUDE MORE PEOPLE OF COLOR IN YOUR FUTURE FILMS.

    — Thank you for reading this message

    — Have a Great Week

    A.C.D. Ashford

  • huwtm

    Are you up for a new project?

  • I wonder if he ever reads this haha. Mr. Wright if you do read this i would like to be considered for the role of Scott Lang in Ant Man.

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  • John Miles

    I can’t write a movie script, but I can and have created a superb scenario in which great comedy can be written. Please contact me. Allow for a 20 minute meeting (UK). After that do what you like with it. Just throw some cash crumbs my way.

  • Hi Mr. Edgar Wright,

    I just wanted to thank you for your contributions to the world. You’ve made many people happy and changed many lives. Your passion really shows in your work and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks for making my favourite movie of all time! You’re awesome and so is Scott Pilgrim 😀

  • Montgomery Flippen

    As an actor myself how do you go about picking and finding actors for you movies.

  • Fergie

    Hi Edgar,
    Fergie from Melbourne, Australia.
    How is the screenplay coming along for THE NIGHT STALKER?
    When do you think it might go into production?
    ANTMAN sounds great mate as well!!
    Thanks and all the best,

  • A fan

    Dear Edgar Wright,

    I have to say I LOVE your films Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are two of my most favourite films! So I have to say you have no idea how excited I am that you are going to be working on the new Antman Film coming out 2014! It is a film I have anticipated for ages and I am so glad you are working on it! I can’t wait to find out who is playing Hank [Antman] or my favourite character Janet [WASP] if you need someone let me know 😛

  • zaikacapita@yahoo.com.br

    AM A BRAZILIAN ACTRESS AND DREAM TO WORK WITH YOU IN A DAY. thank you zaikacapita@yahoo.com.br Zaika capita

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    You have not only created a masterpiece of story and translation of fiction into the hearts of reality, you have choreographed it with a masterpiece of music!
    Am I the only one who has figured this out, or have I just not searched enough to find ANYONE talking about it?
    I’m almost afraid to say anything because that seems unreal. Oh well, here it is…
    Scott Pilgrim is NOT JUST A COMEDY, it is a MUSICAL DRAMA.
    Wright has intricately woven every scene, actor’s movements and motion of camera to fit within the beat and time of none other than The Smashing Pumpkins’ Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness!
    I have watched it this way 3 times now and am completely, unmistakably convinced that this is true. The film becomes another story paralleling Scott Pilgrim’s! Two beautiful works of art together putting a visual epic to one of the most incredible albums ever written!
    After the second or third time of watching the film I started to wonder about the references to the Pumpkins, although I knew the comic it’s based on had them already. Then after the S.P. album was buzzing around in my head I started to think. I think my subconscious must have picked up on something, I am a musician after all, and I realized that there were scenes directly linked to the music album. So I thought, “what if?” and, “how would I know?” but it already made sense to me! All you have to do is take the cue!
    I won’t tell though, not here. I won’t take away the enjoyment of discovery for others or destroy possibly the best kept secret in film history!
    I was swollen up emotionally, Wright. You are a GENIUS and all involved!
    I hope this spreads through the internet and is known by all because it is truly an awesome experience as a work of art and has brought ME a closer connection with the music and the movie. If you thought Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was amazing before, you must play it to the Smashing Pumpkins’ Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness all the way through from the beginning and mute the movie. You already know all the words!


    Jaiden Lee

  • Kendall Cruze

    Mr Edgar Wright,
    I am unsure if this is really you, but I cannot tell you how I have enjoyed your movies and I really love most of them. I can not tell you how many times I have watched Scott pilgrim or Shaun of the dead or even Hot Fuzz. Well, I was wondering if you had any parts open for Wasp/Janet. I noticed that you only have one person that is a character and that’s Johnny Whitworth as Whirlwind. I would really like to try out for her. Since I live in Arizona, it’d be a bit hard to go to an audition, but I could send in a tape if that’s alright with you. Well, thank you for your time and have a good day.

  • I would love to see your interpretation of the manga Lovely Complex –
    as a live action movie for America, considering your work on Scott Pilgrim, it would be so awesome!

  • Fergie

    To Edgar,
    How is the script coming along for THE NIGHT STALKER?
    Can you tell us anything about the process of your writing this screenplay?

  • Hi Edgar, long time fan, first time writer (kind of). Thoroughtly enjoyed 99.9% of your work whic would’ve been 100 but SPVTW didn’t have the Britishness that we brits love you for. Can’t wait for TWE to make COrnettos popular again.Also, get back on Ant Man for goodness sake! Have a banana.Terry Cooper

  • Ilan Sheady

    Hi Edgar. glad Elvira made your day. here’s a link to our show featuring the interview and would greatly appreciate any ‘spreading the word’ 

    you’re a legend

  • David

    Would you please remake Tank Girl. Thank you. 😀

  • Will

     “The world is always a better place with more Edgar Wright in it”, wrote Liam José on criminalcomplex.com. That’s so very true!

  • B-Fisch

    http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/cobras-and-panthers/1354350 This reminded me of something you said regarding musicals…

  • Miki Louder

    Perfect for the next Wright/Pegg/Frost project?! –

  • Fergie

    To Edgar,
    I just want to congratulate you on your films that you have directed and the excellent screenplay on the Tin Tin movie.
    But the best news I have heard is that the combination of you and Johnny Depp on one of my favourite TV series – The Night Stalker. It will be brilliant.
    All I ask and I’m sure so will your thousands of fans is not just direct the movie but please put your brilliant talents in writing the screenplay as well!!

    Will this be fast tracked after you have finished the screenplay on the much anticipated Ant-Man?

    Lets hope so, The Night Stalker will be brilliant on the big screen with Johnny showing his excellent acting talents.

    All the best,
    Fergie from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Finn1144

    Are you seriously not coming out with another film until 2014?! How the hell am I supposed to get through those two years? I mean, I guess this year will be cool and all, but really? Can you at least make like a 30 minute film and release? It doesn’t have to be much. It can just be you reading the newspaper or raking leaves. I don’t care!
    By the way, your movies kick ass.

  • Sagar Badeewal

    I admire you Edgar Wright.Now I am 20 but when I watched Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz back in 2009, after that day I always wanted to become a film maker like you. You are my hero Edgar, to work with you is my dream.

    Although I am always disappointed when none of your movies release in India. I understand that you have zero say in release dates but still It would be good if I can watch your movie at least once on a big screen instead of my 22′ desktop monitor. Or even a special screening of your movies would be a great idea. Or just visit India once with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. 

  • Tankertots

    Thank you for making Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It’s fantastic, I love it. I sincerely hope you make more movies in that style. 

  • I like this guy.

  • Andrea R.

    Dear Edgar Wright Here Wright Now,

    I just wanted to tell you that I love your work in Spaced, The Simon Peg films, and in Scott Pilgrim! Thank you so much for being such an incredible inspiration and I hope to enjoy more of your work in the years to come.

    Thank You

  • Luis Murillo

    I’m s Spanish novelist and scriptwriter interested in contact professionally with you. ¿Could you please let me your email adress? Mine is creamundi@gmail.com.
    Thanks and greetings from Madrid.
     www.sagadanfoster.com. Hello.JFK +MARILYN MONROE = CURRÍCULUM MORTISI’m s Spanish novelist and scriptwriter interested in contact professionally with you. ¿Could you please let me your email adress? Mine is creamundi@gmail.com.Thanks and greetings from Madrid.  www.sagadanfoster.com. Luis Murillo.     
    I’m s Spanish novelist and scriptwriter interested in contact professionally with you. ¿Could you please let me your email adress? Mine is creamundi@gmail.com.
    Thanks and greetings from Madrid.
    Luis Murillo.     

    Luis Murillo.     

  • I have absolutely no idea if anyone is going to read this, or respond.
    (I’m trying almost everywhere)
    I’m from Brazil, and recently saw Shaun of the Dead (it’s not known over here), and FOX  instantly loved it, and as i always do, tried to buy a dvd to watch at home, (since that first time on fox, it was never on again).
    After looking on every known store in the country, i found that there’s only one store that has it, but it’s unavailable. I’ve even “bought it” so they would look on every store they have in the country, but this thing is nowhere to be found.
    I’ve asked a friend travelling to USA to buy it for me, he said the type of DVD they sell there doesn’t work on brazillian dvd players.

    The same store that “doesn’t” have Shaun of the Dead has Scott Pilgrim (wich i bought), and even has Hot Fuzz, with big words on the cover “FROM THE SAME DIRECTOR OF SHAUN OF THE DEAD” (wich, btw, was translated roughly to ‘everyone almost dead’, so lame), but there’s no dvd for Shaun of the Dead.
    I hate miself for having a .avi file for that movie, wich i do watch a lot.
    But when there’s no option for buying a freaking DVD, what do people do?

    Amazon charges more for the shipping than the product itself, and then there’s the huge probabilty that my dvd player won’t read it… (Also, there’s some types of products that Amazon doesn’t ship here, and DVDs are part of this.
    If anyone knows where can i buy this damned DVD (doesnt have to be a brazillian version, for i don’t need subtitles) that will work on DVD players in the South American Area, PLEASE, could you respond to this comment? Please?

  • kasya

    Dear Edgar Wright . you’ve made so many best movies. and i have an idea
    to invite the most famous actress and model latina Gaby Espino (@gabyespino) to play
    in your movie. If you’re the director of the movie, surely it will be
    very great!

  • kasya

    Dear Edgar Wright . you’ve made so many best movies. and i have an idea to invite the most famous actress and model latina Gaby Espino to play in your movie. If you’re the director of the movie, surely it will be very great!

  • Hamburgler

    I like cheeseburgers.

  • dark_stone

    Monsieur Wright! You have been officially requested to do an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Love your films and hope to see you there!

  • Ken Shapiro

    Thanks for putting “Spaced” on Netflix Instant Streaming. It’s brilliant.

  • Xartemyst

    Ok, this is on the off chance that you will end up reading this.

    To Edgar,
    You have been so inspirational to me. Right now, I’m still only a kid, but I’ve been making films with my friends since I was very little, when we used teddy bears as actors. It has always been my dream to become a filmmaker, and a few months ago, my best friend finally showed me Hot Fuzz. Now I own the special edition and have seen it 3 times, all watched in the space of a month, as with Shaun. I’ve recently started a Youtube channel along with my friends (I’ll post this as my channel name) but we have very few videos, and only experiments to get a bit of an audience. I’m planning a longer film this year (half an hour or so), which may have quite a few references artistically to my two aforementioned favourite films. Sorry for rambling on, now I will get to the point.
    This Youtube channel is entirely temporary, only to gain a small audience and maybe some money I could use to keep it going, but I hope to eventually do the type of thing you do now, the directing, writing, or maybe acting my own feature films. In the past few months you have inspired me to create a path ahead in my mind, and I now know for sure what to do with my life.
    Thank you, sorry for talking so much, and good luck with any future productions you may do.  

    • Penguizmo

      dammit i put my name wrong. ok, this is my real channel sorry for the mix up

  • Dr K


  • Keaton

    Dear Edgar Wright, 
    I met you at San Diego Comic-Con this year and I fear I may have been a rambling fanboy who didn’t come across as comprehensible, although you seemed to be flattered by what I had to say. What I was getting at is that you have inspired me to be a director, your films are the reason I’m currently going to film school and Shaun of the Dead was the first film I saw to actually make me pay attention to the camera work and the comedic timing. I just wanted to say thank you for everything, and to keep up the incredible work. The internet is a much easier place to be coherent. Also Joe Cornish was miffed I hadn’t seen Attack the Block yet (it wasn’t out yet), since that time I have fixed this and absolutely loved it. Thanks!

    – Keaton

  • Jay Quinn

    Hot Fuzz is perfection <3 I must have seen 20 times by now, and it still entertains the hell out of me every time. I'm an aspiring screenwriter, and you, sir, are an inspiration.

  • Devilsreject76

    Sorry Mate, But I have a HUGE Man crush on you! I WISH I KNEW HOW TO QUIT YOU EDGAR!!!!!! Cheers mate!

  • Charlotte

    Hello! I’m an aspiring actress from South East London – holla if you need a chav in your film 🙂

  • Stephen


  • Dear Edgar Wright,

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has become the the standard in which all my movies have to be made to. From the awesome visuals, to the incredible sound design, to the amazingly deep themes. Thank you, you truly are an inspiration.

    Edward Chamourian

  • Great movie, inspired me to draw this picture. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Hi Edgar, 

    As a young aspiring comedy screenwriter and director you are nothing but an inspiration. 

    I couldn’t make the screenwriters festival this year but just wanted to say thanks for your time, I just watched the video on the delegates network and it was insightful and inspiring stuff. 

    I couldn’t be there as I was making this with a load of other young filmmakers for a 48 hour competition,

    If you want something funny to watch over a cup of tea, any advice or feedback would be brilliant. 

    All the best,

  • Edgar,
    your site is eye opening as to how much work you have actually done, all of it very very watchable IMHO, but the sentimental part of me still has that ‘please you guys, make more spaced’ comment going round and round and round as ever 🙂

  • SilverWolf

    Dear Mr Wright,
    This Yank cant thank you enough for the wonderfull creativity that you bring to the projects you are involved in. We first became aquainted with your work via Shaun of the Dead and ever since then my our family and especially our 16 year old daughter equates Edgar Wright with quality and fun and awesome films. She dosent care what a movie is about as long as your name is dropped that’s good enough for her and the rest of the clan.
        Your type of talent is what is sorely lacking today in cinema and we all wish you continued success and good fortune in all your projects. You juist keep em coming and we will keep on watching.

  • Riley Armstrong

      Hello Edgar, my name is Riley Armstrong, im a 16 year old from Yucaipa California, I just wanted to tell you that i love all of your films! You have such a unique directing style, after i saw shaun of the dead i knew i wanted to be a film maker. Keep producing great films! I cant wait to see the next chapter in the blood and ice cream trilogy.

  • Katarzyna Bugiel

    Could you look at our dubbing project? <3

  • Victor

    I don’t know if U will understand my message in French but ….
    Shaun of the Dead , la première fois de ma vie ou je l’ai vu , j’ai pris une fessée monstrueuse ! Je rentrais du collège et mon père me l’avait acheté . Depuis c’est devenu mon film culte . Jusqu’a Hot Fuzz , et jusqu’à Scott Pilgrim . Chaque fois que je me mets devant , je sais que je vais me fendre la gueule , comme jamais j’ai rigolé ! Mr Wright , j’ai envie de devenir réalisateur , et c’est grâce a vous ! Et bloody hell vivement votre prochain film . Alors okay ça fait vraiment grosse groupie , mais si y’a bien une personne qui m’inspire dans ce monde , c’est vous ! Thumbs up ! 
    Victor , un fan français bien taré .