The Final Brandon Generator?

In January, I was asked to by the good people at Three Monkeys and Microsoft if I’d like to create a ‘crowd-sourced animated film’. Six months later, we have four instalments of ‘The Random Adventures Of Brandon Generator’. Watch the finale right here.

I’d like to thank the amazing Tommy Lee Edwards for his illustration and animation. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with him and I have been consistently bowled over by what he managed to do in the time. I think each episode looks better than the last and I can’t believe he pulled off the final episode in three weeks. Kudos to him and tireless animation wizard Scott Benson and also 3D boffins Don Cameron and Daryl Bartley .

Big shouts also go to silky voiced Julian Barratt, the supercool music maestro that isDavid Holmes, creative brainbox Boz Temple Morris, our amazing sound editor Alisdair McGregor and the whole team at LBI for making the site come to glorious life.

And of course thanks to you all! Not just the 96 of you who contributed to Episode 4, but the 9000 of you who left art, prose and wacky voicemails on the site.

You’ve informed, shaped and percolated my ideas for ‘Brandon Generator’ with your contributions and you all rock. I hope you are proud of the caffeine soaked insanity we produced together. It’s been a blast.

Let’s do this again.

Here’s the credits for Episodes #4.

After you’ve watched all four episodes go to Brandon’s desk and get writing future instalments…