Modesty prevents me from labelling this post with the same title that Gabriel Fasano gave it, but I am deeply flattered by the amount of work that’s gone into this. Technically it’s missing ‘Fistful Of Fingers’ clips, but I am more than cool with that.

This is a great mashup and it made me misty eyed. And if you haven’t seen everything yet: SPOILERS.

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Here’s another great ‘World’s End’ mash up this time from Sweden’s Chetreo .
DO NOT WATCH if you haven’t seen the movie yet, but otherwise enjoy!

And if you liked that then enjoy some other masterful and equally spoiler filled mash ups by the audio visual wizards Joel Walden, Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr, Osymyso and Mike Relm.

Joel Walden and Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr / Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy

Osymyso / Inibri 8 Megamix


This appeared on the /SLASHFILM site last week and I’m still very flattered by it.

Credit goes to Bryan Lee O’Malley for the incredible source material of course, an amazing crew and the legions of art department, graphic and visual effects wizards who helped me pull the film off.


Tim Chipping was one of the hero zombies in ‘Shaun Of The Dead’. Not only does he feature heavily in the Winchester climax and get his own neck squib, but he was on the poster for the movie. He made a killer zombie.

So what a treat that ten years later, Tim got to interview me in his full zombie make up. This interview for Holy Moly was a bloody highlight of the DVD press. Enjoy.


If for some reason you haven’t seen ‘Shaun Of The Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’ or ‘The Worlds End’ DO NOT watch the following clip. But if you have then please enjoy Joel Walden and Kees van Dijkhuizen Jr’s megamix of the Cornetto trilogy.


And if you liked that then enjoy some masterful and slightly less spoiler filled mash up by the audio visual wizards Osymyso and Mike Relm.

Osymyso / Inibri 8 Megamix


Three years after the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ movie, it very heartening to still see music videos that are inspired by it. This video for Avicii riffs on the fight between Pilgrim & Patel at The Rockit, which ironically enough was also the scene that we did a test shoot for back in 2008! Check it out.

Check out the other Pilgrim inspired videos by The Vines, T-Pain & Chris Brown, and Swound!

And if that’s not enough Scott Pilgrim for you, then here’s SP’s Director of Photography Bill Pope’s music video for Toronto native Drake – starring SP alumni Johnny ‘Young Neil’ Simmons. It’s fantastic.

Drake ~ Hold On We’re Going Home

Drake ~ Hold On We’re Going Home from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

When I am an old man and someone asks me what my finest hour was, I will say these 13 minutes. The closest I ever came to being in the Sex Pistols…

It’s a special British Trilogy/World Ending edition of All Star Celebrity Bowling as the UK comedy genre-bending maestros of Team Cornetto Trilogy (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright and the Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones) take on Team Nerdist (Jonah Ray, Matt Mira, Chloe Dykstra and Chris Hardwick). Will the World’s End boys’ bloody frozen lactose fixation prove victorious? Watch and see!

The World’s End ab 12 September Im Kino.

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12 Kneipen pflasterten ihren Weg – zumindest hatten sich das fünf Jugendfreunde vorgenommen, als sie vor 20 Jahren eine legendäre Sauftour starteten. Nun will der damalige Rädelsführer Gary King (Simon Pegg), der auch nach seinem 40. Geburtstag ein großes Kind geblieben ist, diese Tour endlich wiederholen: Unerbittlich treibt er seine Kumpel zurück in ihren Heimatort, um sich dort Runde für Runde bis zum berühmten Pub „The World’s End“ durchzubechern und damit den Kreis aus Vergangenheit und Gegenwart endlich zu schließen. Bald stellen sie jedoch fest, dass es viel eher um die Zukunft geht: nicht nur um die eigene, sondern um die der gesamten Menschheit. Eine unbekannte Bedrohung aus einer anderen Galaxie hat ein Auge auf ihr Städtchen geworfen und die Kneipe auf der Zielgeraden ist dabei ihr geringstes Problem…

This was a very special night. Am still overwhelmed by it all.

The show is still open. Get down there before Sep 7th.

ANATOMY OF A SCENE – Directors offer behind-the-scenes narration on their films. A running feature from The New York Times.

The director Edgar Wright has teamed up again with the actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to make his latest comedy, “The World’s End.” In this video, he narrates a segment from the film’s opening sequence, a prologue set in 1990. He discusses using 16-millimeter film to shoot the sequence and using prosthetics on some of his young actors.

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Thank you Mike Relm for what might be my favourite re-edit of any of my work.

It makes me so proud watching this.

Please enjoy The Cornetto Megamix!

To see Mike Relm’s Scott Pilgrim mash up – click here.

See The World’s End in the USA & Canada from August 23rd

For information on The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy screenings happening on August 22nd Click Here.

To find out where you can see The World’s End from August 23rd (with some previews at 10pm and midnight on August 22nd) Click Here.

On August 23rd ‘The World’s End’ arrives in US & Canadian theatres…

And remeber there are approximately 161 screenings of the full Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy culminating in early previews of ‘The World’s End’ on August 22nd. Check out this post and Focus Features’ page for all the cities covered.

Cheers! The fantastic Drafthouse cinema chain celebrates pub life by featuring ‘The Worlds End’ in the August issue of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. Get your copy now and stay tuned for more info on screenings of ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’, ‘The World’s End’, the full Cornetto trilogy in one sitting and other pub centric cinema.

Check out the August issue of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. here

Alamo Drafthouse August Montage 2013 from Alamo Drafthouse on Vimeo.

Peter Jackson talks to Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost about THE WORLD’S END.

We were lucky enough to have Edgar Wright host a premiere of his new film “The World’s End” in Wellington last weekend. It’s terrific – the most enjoyable movie I’ve seen in a long time. I deliberately avoided the trailers, and glad I did. It’s a movie with great unexpected twists. My favourite of their wonderful “Cornetto trilogy”, and a very refreshing highly original movie at the end of the summer of franchises. Made by a clever creative team for all the right reasons – they love what they do.

I got to sit down with Edgar, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost early on Sunday morning to have a chat about the film, and filmmaking.

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Check the full list of locations below to see if your local cinema will be holding a special midnight screening of The World’s End on July 19 and book tickets HERE or on the relevant cinema website.

Cinemas marked with an * will also run special Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy Screenings of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End starting at 7.30pm on July 18. Find out more about these screenings by clicking HERE

Aberdeen – Cineworld Union Square
Aberdeen – Vue*
Acton – Vue*
Aylesbury – Odeon
Basingstoke – Vue*
Bath – Odeon
Birkenhead – Vue
Birmingham – Empire
Birmingham – Showcase
Birmingham – Vue*
Blackburn – Vue*
Bluewater – Showcase
Boldon – Cineworld
Bolton – Vue*
Braehead – Odeon
Brighton – Cineworld
Brighton – Odeon
Bristol – Showcase
Bristol – Showcase Cinema de Lux
Bristol Cribbs – Vue*
Bristol Longwell – Vue*
Brixton – Ritzy
Bromborough – Odeon
Bury – Vue*
Camberley – Vue*
Cambridge – Vue*
Canterbury – Odeon
Cardiff – Cineworld
Cardiff – Odeon
Cardiff – Showcase
Cardiff – Vue*
Chatham – Odeon
Chelmsford – Odeon
Cheshire Oaks – Vue*
Clapham – Picturehouse
Cleveleys – Vue*
Coventry – Odeon
Coventry – Showcase
Cramlington – Vue*
Crawley – Cineworld
Croydon Grants – Vue*
Croydon Purley – Vue
Derby – Odeon
Derby – Showcase Cinema de Lux
Didsbury – Cineworld
Doncaster – Vue*
Dublin – Vue*
Dudley – Odeon
Dudley – Showcase
Dunfermline – Odeon
East Kilbride – Odeon
Eastleigh – Vue
Edinburgh Omni – Vue*
Exeter – Odeon
Exeter – Vue*
Feltham – Cineworld
Finchley – Vue
Finchley Road (O2 Centre) – Vue*
Glasgow – Showcase
Glasgow Quay – Odeon
Guildford – Odeon
Hackney – Picturehouse
Halifax – Vue*
Hamilton – Vue*
Harrogate – Odeon
Hartlepool – Vue*
Hastings – Odeon
Hatfield – Odeon
Huddersfield – Odeon
Hull – Vue*
Inverness – Vue*
Islington – Vue*
Kilmarnock – Odeon
Kingston – Odeon
Lancaster – Vue*
Leeds – Showcase
Leeds Kirkstall – Vue*
Leeds Light – Vue
Leicester – Odeon
Leicester – Showcase Cinema de Lux
Leicester – Vue*
Letchworth – Broadway
Limerick – Odeon
Lincoln – Odeon
Liverpool – Showcase
Liverpool One – Odeon
Llanelli – Odeon
Machester – Vue*
Maidstone – Odeon
Machester Printworks – Odeon
Mansfield – Odeon
Marble Arch – Odeon
Merthyr Tydfill – Vue*
Metrocentre – Odeon
Milton Keynes – Cineworld
Newbury – Vue
Newcastle – Empire
Newcastle East – Odeon
Newcastle-under-Lyme – Vue*
Newham – Showcase
Northampton – Vue*
Norwich – Odeon
Norwich – Vue*
Nottingham – Showcase
Nuneaton – Odeon
Oxford – Vue*
Oxford Magdalen St – Odeon
Paisley – Showcase
Peterborough – Showcase
Plymouth – Vue*
Poole – Empire
Portlaoise – Odeon
Portsmouth – Vue*
Preston – Vue
Reading – Showcase
Reading – Vue*
Romford – Vue*
Scunthorpe – Vue*
Sheffield – Odeon
Sheffield – Vue*
Southampton – Odeon
Southport – Vue
Staines – Vue*
Stevenage – Cineworld
Stockton – Showcase
Stoke – Odeon
Stratford (Westfield) – Vue*
Stroud – Vue*
Surrey Quays – Odeon
Swansea – Vue*
Tamworth – Odeon
Taunton – Odeon
Tottenham Court Road – Odeon
Thanet – Vue*
Thurrock – Vue*
Trafford Centre – Odeon
Uxbridge – Odeon
Walsall – Showcase
Waterford – Odeon
Watford – Vue*
West End (Leicester Square) – Vue*
Westfield London – Vue*
Wimbledon – Odeon
Woodhall Spa – Kinema in the Woods
Worcester – Vue*
Wrexham – Odeon
York – Vue*

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“The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy”

“Director At Work”

“Pegg and Frost”

“Friends Reunited”