Brandon Generator / Episode 3

Episode 3 is here! The third and penultimate episode of ‘The Random Adventures Of Brandon Generator’. Once again with beautiful illustration and animation by Tommy Lee Edwards along with Scott Benson, narration by Julian Barratt, music from David Holmes new project, ‘Unloved’.

Once again informed, shaped and percolated with your prose contributions and artistic submissions.

Here’s the credits for Episodes #2 and #3… your ideas and submissions could earn you a credit on Episode #4.

So what can you do now? Well Brandon’s story is far from over. In this month’s cliffhanger Brandon needs you to write him, draw him or message him out of a very tricky spot.

But maybe this time there’s someone else to root and scheme for… you’ll have to watch now to find out. Go watch ‘The Random Adventures Of Brandon Generator / Episode 3’.

  • Would love for you to make a cameo in the next season of our web-series.

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    god damn your hat.