The Wright Stuff III / Far Out & Far East / Sunday Dec. 11th, 2011

I’ve done two seasons at LA’s New Beverly Cinema showing favourite movies of mine. For my third season I had the brainwave that I should show all the classics and cult gems that I haven’t seen.

Two colourful head trips on 35mm. Two great guests in Patton Oswalt & John Landis. Get your tix.

Speaking of Patton, he is another that inspired this season. For in my Jan 2011 season, I invited him to introduce ‘Thunderbolt & Lightfoot’ with me, mistakenly thinking it was a fave of his (I had it mixed up with ‘Charley Varrick’). But Patton accepted, I admitted my error and he then went on to do an amazing intro to a movie he had never seen. A seed was sown!

Sunday, Dec. 11: FAR OUT & FAR EAST

7:00 pm / The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T

1953, USA, 92 minutes, 35mm, Sony Pictures Repertory
Directed by Roy Rowland
Produced by Stanley Kramer
Written by Dr. Seuss and Allan Scott
Starring Tommy Rettig, Mary Healy, Hans Conried, Peter Lind Hayes


PLUS, on the same double feature:

9:00 pm / Kwaidan

1964, Japan, 161 minutes, 35mm, Janus Films
Directed by Masaki Koybayashi
Starring Rentaro Mikuni, Keiko Kishi, Michiyo Aratama, Misako Watanabe, Tatsuya Nakadai
In Japanese with English subtitles


Edgar says: (‘The 5000 Fingers Of Dr T’ suggested by Harry Knowles | ‘Kwaidan’ suggested by Guillermo Del Toro & John Landis)

It’s a double bill of Technicolor and Eastman color glories as we journey into the dreams of Dr. Seuss and emerge into some fevered Japanese nightmares. In my near four decades as a film fan, I’ve seen ‘The 7 Faces Of Dr Lao’ and ‘The Five Fingers Of Death’ but never the many digits of Dr T. On the second half of the bill is the phantasmagoric ‘Kwaidan’, an expressionistic and hugely influential ghost anthology that was nominated for ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ in 1965. Can’t wait.

Evening screening hosted by Edgar Wright, John Landis & Patton Oswalt.

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The Wright Stuff III / Movies Edgar Has Never Seen [Full Post]

The Wright Stuff III / Movies Edgar Has Never Seen

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  • Haruka Sometani

    My favorite song from 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. Yes, better than the “dress me” song.

  • Andrew Kay

    Nice selection of films, Edgar. Especially, The Girl Can’t Help it. Tashlin is the man!

  • Shizukodc

    Kwaidan is a beautiful and brilliant film/films, you are going to love it (^_^)

  • Mrs. Robinson has acquired some very spiffy new stockings . . .