The Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World 1 Year Anniversary Music Video Remix Challenge! *Submissions Now Closed*

Over the last year I’ve been amazed at all the recuts, re-edits and mash-ups of my films. As someone who spent his teens re-editing movies on VHS, I am extremely heartened by your constant reinvention of scenes from the movies, be it a complex montage or a simple GIF.

So I hereby issue the would-be editors of the world a challenge.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’s release OsyMyso has offered up an exclusive musical remix of the fight scenes and themes from the film. As you will hear, it is a glorious collision of Black Sheep, the Beasties, Rocky and many more. I want you to cut the accompanying music video to the track below.

So listen, download and break out your favourite edit suite…

Further rules? Not really. You can use visuals from the movie, the relevant music videos, wherever you want. Be as obvious or random as you like.

Then upload your video to your favourite video hosting site and link to it in the comments below.

The deadline for submissions is August 6th. *Submissions Now Closed*

On August 13th I will post my favourite of the bunch and there will be a mysterious prize for the victor.

Mysterious in that, I don’t know what it is yet.

So knock yourselves out. And even if you’re not an editor, you are going to want to put this on your iPod ASAP. Enjoy.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World | Osymyso Fight Remix

Right click and ‘save as’ to grab the mp3 download below.

Download Link

Remixed by OsyMyso ( | @osymyso)

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  • J Atkins33

    did we ever find out who won? :/ i take it as i havent heard anything, edgar dislikes me 🙁 

  • If I win all I want is a letter with Ramona’s phone number on it ;D Best letter ever.
    (please don’t do that, and that’s just if i actually win but chances are looking slim due to my poor performance between 3:00 – 3:38 v_v, I’m sure Wallace is very dissapointed in me and he’d probably say my mother is too)

  •  If I win, all I want is a letter of recommendation for University. Best letter ever.

    • Whoa If you win that that’d totally would be the most awesome thing ever! 😀
      good luck

  • Hey guys. Results coming shortly. Sunday night or Monday morning!

    • fair enough, thanks for telling us 😀

    • raises hand and waves frantically* oh oh question!!!
      Um… What country are you in at the moment cause you could be in either america or england and i don’t know which one, just helps with the time issues 😀 thanks

    • Cant wait. Im as giddy as a school girl.

    • horraaaayyy! yippy!

  • johnsonnetwrk

    It’s really tense… And quiet.
    Too quiet.

  • Who won?

  • I’m guessing Mr.Wright is busy atm so he hasn’t been able to upload the results XD
    Is it still the 13th in america?

  • Well judging by the time i think i’ll be asleep by the time the results have been announced It’s like 8 pm here, so good luck everyone and congrats to the winners whoever they may be =D

    Chaos sleep!

  • It’s the 13th already? o_O yikes, stupid time flying like…a… vegan >o>

  • Matthew Mulcahy

    Just wanted 2 let u know Edgar, my video – the 1 on the link that works – is NOT faulty, that is just how it looks because of how I chose to do my entry. Was worried u wouldn’t deem it eligible 4 competition when u saw it and realised it didn’t look like the other entries, so I figured I should post this message just 2 let u know. Sorry it took so long, I’ve had to write it twice because it didn’t appear first time.

  • Matthew Mulcahy

    Just 2 let u know Edgar, in case you saw the first few seconds of my entry and thought something was wrong with it, like chaos blare did, I want 2 let u know that I intended it to look that way. I won’t tell u why and how, I just wanted 2 b sure that it would still be eligible, even if it didn’t look as slick as the other entries. P.s. Sorry it took me so long to write this message, I’ve been a bit busy this summer and am having difficult writing on this iPad in the apple store.

    • oh sorry my mistake then :S
      just that some bits were still and others weren’t it confused me  a bit, maybe edgar will get why you did it 😀
      btw good luck

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  • Ahhh my post with the video is not showing yet!!! I just edited something it and update it. Will it show that i posted it on the 6 or what????

  • Mark Lukenbill

    Blocked by YouTube, so here it is on Vimeo. Sorry for the delay.

  • My addition. Blessedly less fighting.

    • Anonymous

      this is pretty great

  • Anonymous

    I am hoping since it is not yet midnight all over the world that I can still sneak in under the wire.  I throw myself at the mercy of Mr. Wright, with no excuses save my awful computer’s decision to fail at rendering over and over.  Here I humbly submit my addition to the group.

  • Wow everyone did really well, I wanna say a big well done to everyone who’s taken part, now theres a great flurry of awesome scott pilgrim related musci videos for me to enjoy 🙂
    The more I watch these the more ideas that pop into my head dammit XD Why couldn’t I think of these ideas when I was actually editing XD I guess thats how it goes with most projects though, Well anyways good luck everyone! I’m sure edgar is gonna enjoy all of these 😀

    Chaos out!

  • Mark Lukenbill

    Oh shoot! I have to be “that guy” and post it late. I seriously thought it was due Sunday. Please excuse me, I am chronically enfeebled. Anyway, here it is.

    • Mark Lukenbill

      I’ve been blocked by YouTube… How do you get around copyright issues? Oh goodness. I’ll get it up eventually, I promise.

  • Dr. 3-Lungs

    Here is my entry, on the final day… ugh…. :p

  • So i finished the video, but for some reason it didn’t work. i spent 5 hours trying to upload it though.
    good luck to everybody else though.
    i just wanted edgar wright to watch my video but I love Scott Pilgrim and uploading a video wont change how big of a fan i am. i’m proud of my work.

    • I’m sure edgar will still accept your enntry even if it’s a little late, he’s cool like that 😀 You did technically meet the dead as you did finish it beforehand, I did however have a similar problem to you, I hope yours sget’s uploaded alright.

  • Annnd uploaded!
    It’s up on 3 different sites in case one falters:



    Hope this still counts as in before the deadline.

    Bobby (Los Angeles, CA)

    • Bryan Cantwell

      Very nice! I really like your take on the Cheryl Cole bit… wonderful.

    • I really loved your effects dude! Your a rotoscoping master. I do think however you used the same footage of scott strumming too manytimes but this was probably due to the lack of time left or footage useable for that awesome effect XD I think I would have preffered it if the video was a little more in sync with the music however the transitions were amaaaazing! I have to say. Well all in all this was an awesome Music Video and I wish you good luck 😀

  • Bawls… I hate You Tube, and I hate DVD Rippers that wont let you “borrow” copyrighted material. Otherwise I would’ve at least had some sort of video up for the world to see! oh well, I had fun adding more noises and 8 bit musicalness to the track to make it more lively. I gave it my best shot. Kudos to the winner! (Who ever that may be!) ^_^

    • Bryan Cantwell

      It probably won’t help you today, but in the future, remember these 2 words…

      Vimeo & Handbrake. 🙂

  • Here’s my submission! I hope you meant Aug 6th California time.

    • I like your choice of footage, you decided to show the fights of the evil ex’s in chronollogical order without falter even with the various sound clips. I’m impressed 😀 this is kinda like a run through of all the events of the movie 😀 well done man and good luck 😀

  • Matthew Mulcahy

    Hello again, Edgar. Have had a bit of trouble uploading my video, which is why the last link didn’t work. This one, however, does. It’s the same video as before, so enjoy.

  • Matthew Mulcahy

    Hello again, Edgar. Had a bit of trouble uploading the video, which is why the last link didn’t work. This one, however, does. It’s the same video, so I hope you like it.

  • Dont close the polls yet please! I just beefed up the song and am finishing up editing! God I hate it when I stumble upon contests at the last moment! lol

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this is 10 hours before the deadline not 14 hours after it.

    My submission –

    • whoa the sync in this is insane XD YOu did awesome with this man, possibly some of the best syncing if seen in this competition. Well done man and good luck :D.

    • whoa the sync in this is insane XD YOu did awesome with this man,
      possibly some of the best syncing if seen in this competition. Well done
      man and good luck :D.

  • Matthew Mulcahy

    Hello Edgar, this is Matthew Mulcahy speaking. This is my entry to the competition. Apologies for the lateness of its arrival, but it took me an awful long time to edit and then upload. Still, enjoy anyway. Here’s the link:

    • Matthew Mulcahy

      Ignore this one. Link doesn’t work. 2nd time lucky.

    • Matthew Mulcahy

      Apologies, it has taken much trial and error for me to realise my mistake. DO NOT use the link provided for you, Edgar! It is faulty. The real deal is here:

  • I’ve got an entry on the way – a few final touches left then the upload time. I’m hoping an official deadline may be nearer late afternoon PST? I promise it’ll be a good one!

  • After many hours of editing I present my video. I have a little cameo in it and was planning on having some more of my own personal footage thrown in but due to deadline being so close and me being so busy it didn’t make it. Oh well was definitely fun and good practice for rotoscoping and a few new visuals effects I have never done before. There are a decent amount of transitions and effects that were inspired by the movie and the style of Edgar Wrights movies that you may not notice unless you went by frame by frame but they are there. Hope the HD version is ready for when you guys watch it. Not use to having a short amount of footage like this that is already color graded and cut so this was a fun experience and I wish the best of luck to everyone.

  • My late (As always) entry. Took a while cuz well let me give you the short version. Old laptop could do the job, got a new one. It came this monday, I started tuesday and finish late today and a bonus video ,not for the contest. that i did a while ago  for… just because….enjoy it i guess 🙂
    Note: I dont hate the prodigy invaders must die look at my bonus video. ( Just incase anyone is wondering from the benginning of the video.)


  • Daniel Yi

    sorry i was trying to update my previous comment w/a new link but my comment seemed to have disappeared from the thread. 

  • And here it is 😀 I wish I got I tiny bit more time on it, still a lil rough but atm it looks fine to me 😀
    Good luck everyone!

  • Amelia Stephensen

    Hi everyone, sorry this is late in – I was almost too chicken to post it!

    A few days ago I decided to try a comic-book look (I processed most of this in PhotoShop), though the concept required more time than I had… But please take a look anyway and let me know what you think 🙂

    Also, there are some insanely good entries here!! Some very very talented people out there! 

    • María Salazar

      I really enjoyed it, nice idea.

      • Amelia Stephensen

        Thank you both! Your nice feedback has made my day! 🙂 🙂

    •  I really liked you’re idea!  I hadn’t ever even thought of doing it like that!

  • Jeff Yorkes

    Here’s my entry! Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did makin’ it!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my last-minute entry.



    YouTube got stuck on processing though, so I’m not sure if
    it went through or not. Was worried about the deadline, so I uploaded a .wmv



    And, just for good measure, I’m uploading to Vimeo as well,
    since I seem to be having problems x.x; Will post that link later.

    • Bryan Cantwell

      The youtube link works fine!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, that’s a relief! I had a lot of trouble yesterday. YouTube kept freezing at like 90% and I wasn’t sure if it was on their end or my own connection.

        But, it appears that someone has flagged my post 🙁 The only thing I can fathom is that the person assumed I was trying to submit multiple entries. I wasn’t. I posted 3 links to the same exact video. I didn’t know how strict the deadline was and wanted to make sure that if my YouTube wasn’t working right there were other options to view my video. Like everyone else, I worked hard editing and would like to be considered, so please refrain from flagging my post 😛

        So! Here, once again, is my entry:

  • Here’s my entry! I am a HUGE Scott Pilgrim fan (My fav film of 2010 and fav comic series in years). AND I am an aspiring editor so this contest was a total blast to work on. I will love Kim Pine forever!


    P.S. That Attack The Block Q&A last week was awesome Edgar!

    • María Salazar

      I love that you used a shot of Kim smiling! Great video!

  • 429 mins to upload? Goddamit, It’s ok if we give it in on the day of the deadline right?

    • Samuelmmcclure

      Yeah, I’m wondering how the time difference plays into this

  • Peterchobits

    Hey, from the depths of Bay St. Video comes my entry.

  • Here you go. Blood sweat and tears went into this. Can’t get a HQ version up just yet, but hopefully will do soon.

  • I finally finished my video!

    It’s taken me weeks but I’ve finally got it as good as I can possibly get it I think, I really hope you like it!

    David Post

    P.S. I put myself in it briefly, I hope you don’t mind!

  • Also thought I would share this little frame from the movie, every time I see this part with Young Neil it cracks me up, I am not sure why but it just does.

  • Bryan Cantwell

    99 problems, but running out of inspiration for Scott Pilgrim mashups isn’t one.

    I would like to present “Spaced Pilgrim vs The Osymyso Fight Remix”

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  • Here’s mine. Hope you enjoy it. 

    • OMG UGM SUCK, So do Beggars and that NBC company, you better re upload soon dude D:

      • Re-uploading it didn’t work. Vimeo is working fine right now. Somebody let me know if that also gets blocked. I’ll have to upload it somewhere else then. 

    • Here’s a link to the vimeo version too.


      • Please use the youtube version as a last resort. Vimeo is smoother and doesn’t lag. 

  • Here’s my entry for the contest:

    I hope that you enjoy watching it and that YouTube leaves it up.

  • Cory Musselman

    Just finished. Hope you enjoy! –

  • Cory Musselman

    Just finished. Hope you enjoy! –