The World’s End Nears…

Drink up. Barmageddon approaches…

International Poster

The World's End / International Poster

US Poster

The World's End / US Poster

The World’s End Release Dates | At time of press

New Zealand: 18-Jul-13
Slovenia: 18-Jul-13
United Kingdom: 19-Jul-13
Australia: 1-Aug-13
Russia: 1-Aug-13
United States / Canada: 23-Aug-13
France: 28-Aug-13
Philippines: 4-Sep-13
Czech Republic: 5-Sep-13
Ukraine: 5-Sep-13
Iceland: 6-Sep-13
Germany: 12-Sep-13
Malaysia: 12-Sep-13
Singapore: 12-Sep-13
Switz. (G): 12-Sep-13
Austria: 13-Sep-13
Norway: 13-Sep-13
Lebanon: 19-Sep-13
Netherlands: 19-Sep-13
United Arab Emirates: 19-Sep-13
Egypt: 25-Sep-13
Italy: 26-Sep-13
Cyprus: 27-Sep-13
Estonia: 27-Sep-13
Sweden: 27-Sep-13
Finland: 4-Oct-13
Denmark: 10-Oct-13
Latvia: 11-Oct-13
Lithuania: 11-Oct-13
Belgium: 16-Oct-13
Switz. (F): 16-Oct-13
Korea: 31-Oct-13
Bulgaria: 8-Nov-13
Turkey: 8-Nov-13
South Africa: 15-Nov-13
Spain: 15-Nov-13

  • RICK

    I was so excited and hyped to see this movie last week but I was so bummed out when I found out that it was not showing here in the Philippines like the list said. Can you tell me a reason for this?

  • Laine

    I can see the Philippines! Thank God, I didn’t think it would air here.

    • Sarah

      me neither. kaso it’s past sept 4 na and i don’t see it showing in any cinemas in my city or near it. :<

  • Emanuel Loera Cool

    Edgar! we need this in Mexico! Please! 🙁

  • Francisco Guzmán

    I demand this is released in Mexico as well.

  • MerrWhiteraven

    Still no release date in Poland… I’m getting really really angry and tbh I feel a little bit let down. I wanted to see that movie so much!!!!

    • Kamil

      Yeah, same here.

  • Rui

    Why do the good movies have to be the ones with varying release dates. Sept 4 for the Philippines, the wait is killing me.

  • Valerie Lau

    no Hong Kong really? been waiting for this movie for many years… T_T

  • Braedon Links

    Any word on a Hong Kong release date yet?

  • let’meet in south africa

  • Tempted to fly to New Zealand to see the film two weeks early.

    Awesome posters.

  • Y8

    the good poster. i can find some indeed information to discover it in Russia

  • Ana Méndez

    So it is not going to be released in Mexico?

    • Arturo Romero Villafaña

      And still no release date here…

  • Guest

    my guess is right, no Hong Kong… okay :-/

  • Manyee Wong

    my guess is right…. no Hong Kong…okay… :-/

  • AmberGrindstaff

    I want this poster.. Now ! 🙂

  • paintmyart

    Can’t wait until Aug 23rd! I’m going to visit 11 straight bars and end up watching this absolutely smashed. And then I’ll buy a ticket the next day and watch it completely hung over (hanged? hunged?). And buy a ticket the day after *that* and watch this completely sober. I feel like, it’s good to have goals.

  • Keaton Slansky

    Where could I go about purchasing the US one?

  • AnthonyCrow

    Where the hell is Poland……….sigh………..The World is realy coming to end…….

  • And no Canada… sigh…