‘Shaun of the Dead’ Photo-a-day / Shoot Day 2 / May 12th, 2003

Ten years ago, we began principal photography on ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ in London. To celebrate we’ve decided to take you through every single day of production over the next month or two. Team Big Talk have gone through personal photos, stills, rushes and continuity photos to give you an unique day by day account of our shoot.

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 23rd, 2003

Day 2. I have a vague recollection of it being a children’s birthday party on Nelson Road when we were shooting zombies with amputations and gory make up in the street outside.

If you were at that party and traumatised by it, I apologise.

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 12th, 2003

Shaun of the Dead Photo-a-day / May 12th, 2003

Come back tomorrow for Day 3 of our decade old North London adventures.


21 Responses to “‘Shaun of the Dead’ Photo-a-day / Shoot Day 2 / May 12th, 2003”
  1. itsfoz says:

    The pictures are down. Any chance of getting them back up? :)

  2. Phil Klapwyk says:

    Did Slatter just wake up???

  3. Really interesting stuff this. Sad that so many LPs died during the production though.

  4. MattH says:

    Nice. I live about 15 doors down Nelson Road from here, so great to see how it looked behind the scenes at the time. Looking forward to the rest.

  5. Daniel James says:

    it feels weird seeing the street from behind the lense. i can’t wait until you get to the back garden scene. i had to swede it for a media production course

  6. Justin Lucas says:

    Thanks for doing this. Love films and want to be a part of making them. Shaun of the Dead is probably my favorite film of all time so seeing behind the scenes is perfect. This shoot looks so prepared and relaxed that from the outside it would seem you guys had a complete blast making this.

  7. Joel Vallie says:

    I wish I had been a part of this in some way. Such an epic movie!

  8. AmberGrindstaff says:

    One of the best streets in London !

  9. Ben Vost says:

    I had to watch it again today, it’s been a while. Fantastic movie.

  10. delmi thomas says:

    Each cast member is assigned a number, the numbers on the right denote who’s in that scene. 1 would have been Simon Pegg, 3 Nick Frost etc

  11. Erin Carr says:

    I think it means they have 8 pages of script scheduled for the day, and that scene takes up 4 pages

  12. This is absolutely brilliant, we’re so glad you’re doing this!

  13. James Weller says:

    I love this. Can’t believe you created it ten years ago! It’s standing the test of time so well.


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