The (World’s) End Is Nigh… | UK Teaser Trailer

Here is the UK teaser for ‘The World’s End’. We hope you join us very soon to get obliterated.

UK Poster


The World’s End Release Dates | At time of press

New Zealand: 18-Jul-13
Slovenia: 18-Jul-13
United Kingdom: 19-Jul-13
Australia: 1-Aug-13
Russia: 1-Aug-13
United States: 23-Aug-13
France: 28-Aug-13
Philippines: 4-Sep-13
Czech Republic: 5-Sep-13
Ukraine: 5-Sep-13
Iceland: 6-Sep-13
Germany: 12-Sep-13
Malaysia: 12-Sep-13
Singapore: 12-Sep-13
Switz. (G): 12-Sep-13
Austria: 13-Sep-13
Norway: 13-Sep-13
Lebanon: 19-Sep-13
Netherlands: 19-Sep-13
United Arab Emirates: 19-Sep-13
Egypt: 25-Sep-13
Italy: 26-Sep-13
Cyprus: 27-Sep-13
Estonia: 27-Sep-13
Sweden: 27-Sep-13
Finland: 4-Oct-13
Denmark: 10-Oct-13
Latvia: 11-Oct-13
Lithuania: 11-Oct-13
Belgium: 16-Oct-13
Switz. (F): 16-Oct-13
Korea: 31-Oct-13
Bulgaria: 8-Nov-13
Turkey: 8-Nov-13
South Africa: 15-Nov-13
Spain: 15-Nov-13

  • Magnificent site. Lots of helpful info here. I’m sending
    it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks on your sweat!

  • Huberto Jardim

    Why would South Africa be one of the last places to receive The World’s End in theaters? Are they Dubbing it in Afrikaans, or maybe Zulu or any other of our 11 official languages?
    There are already HD copies available to buy and download online.
    What a pity.
    I really would have liked to give this movie the Big Screen Treatment it deserves.

  • maycmartinez

    It’s Sept 4 already and no The World’s End in any cinema here in the Philipppines…

  • Leave It

    Take that, Bulgaria. Korea gets the film eight days before you do. Can’t wait for the 31st of October. Which is a long time away. Oh. I made myself sad.

  • Paul Aries Catarbas

    Too long to wait in the Phils. =[

  • Chile is not there, as usual. My country likes only “yankee” movies. What a lack of good taste, boy…

  • Fabi

    And in Brazil?

  • Brazil??????? :((((((

  • Anyone else want to know the music used in the Trailer!!??

    • tippiviolet

      It’s mostly The Acrylics TNight, and very good too.

  • YESSS, i’ve been reading it comes out october in australia but looks like its coming two months earlier. Thank you for making this film Edgar!!!

  • So excited for this! Seeing as Hot Fuzz & Shaun of the Dead are in my “Top 4” favorite movies(along with Terminator 2 & Dawn of the Dead’78) I have probably too-high expectations that I can finally have a normal “Top 5 Favorite Movies” list,but this has always been my #1 Most Anticipated Movie of the 2013. Gonna be a long summer waiting on this….

  • Anders Trankalis

    no Canada? 🙁

  • awwww)))
    1st August

  • Profpieface

    Oh and – another subtle request for some kind of special screening and/or ideally an all nighter combo with Shaun and Fuzz followed the World’s End. (with plenty of notice, ta)

  • Miles

    How much i$ a flight to Slovenia??


    Okay… I have to book a trip for London the 19th july now.

  • Sarah5636

    Can’t wait this looks so awesome, an photo a day starting on Saturday all this makes me happy 😀

  • 16-Oct-13 I’ll gone completely bonkers waiting for it

  • Miles


  • No Brazil ! Our movie distributors are The Worst ! =(

  • Profpieface

    Random! World premiere is….Slovenia! XD
    Looks great!


  • It sucks, good thing is I live in the border buahahaha

  • So, road trip to Slovenia, then?

  • Early release date for us brits before anyone else. GET IN!

  • Shaughn Cameron

    It’s about to go off. Glad to see some traditions never die.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    YES,LOVE IT ! happy it comes out here in August(birthday present)

    • tippiviolet

      Best birthday present ever 🙂

  • MikeAlgar42

    Okay, the 19th of July is free in my diary.

    Now I wait.

  • Eh, looks alright… 😉

    Oh fine then, it looks ruddy marvellous! I’m glad you saw fit to furnish us with a third physical, garden-based gag. There’d have been riots otherwise…

  • No India?

  • Is the Canadian release the same as the US?

  • jevvv

    🙁 3rd October – what do you have against NZ?

    • FlyAjiraAirways

      We now get it on the 18th of July. THE PREMIERE, MOTHERF**ER!!

  • My body is ready, until the lager end

  • Brian from Spaced!

  • I can’t wait a whole three and a half months!