The day I met the Queen…

I wasn’t allowed to take phones or cameras into Windsor Castle yesterday so thank you to the news cameraman at the event who recorded this fleeting meeting between me, Her Majesty and the Duke Of Edinburgh at their celebration of British Film.

That’s me in the glasses, just after Count Dracula and Kane from ‘Alien’.

Yes, I know!

Thanks to Matt Galo for the clip. Now watch George Lucas transform into me. It’s magic.


8 Responses to “The day I met the Queen…”
  1. her majesty’s a pretty nice girl…

  2. Sarah5636 says:

    Congrats Ed. I wish she’d had quickly said to you that she loved Shaun of the Dead that would have blown your mind ;)

  3. Profpieface says:

    Wow. Was welling up a bit watching that! Our little Edgar meeting the Queen!
    Very proud. :)

  4. Amber says:

    Fantastic !! Royal Coolness !!

  5. Janice Beley says:

    What an honour. Congratulations!

  6. Joel Vallie says:

    Get out of here. Thats Awesome!

  7. jiveaces says:

    The Queen is awesome!

  8. You know you have succeeded in life, when you have a blog post “The day I met the Queen…”

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