Edgar Wright From The Archives / Part 2

At this point I’m not sure if Tom Haigh from the ITV archive is a great friend or a mortal enemy, as he has now unearthed three more clips of a teenage me as amateur film-maker on various ITV shows.


I dread to think what obscurities he’ll dig up next. Previously unseen CCTV footage of my first fumbled snog with a girl in the back row of ‘Mannequin’ at the Wells Regal? Or me badly singing ‘Bad Guys’ from a 1987 school production of ‘Bugsy Malone’? We shall see…

As I’ve said before, I started making zero budget films at the tender age of 14. First with a second hand Super 8 camera and then on Video 8. And some of these landed me on the telly.


Behold a clip of me on the pilot for ‘Hot Shots’, a vehicle for the late Jeremy Beadle that was a spin off from ‘You’ve Been Framed’. Viewers could win 500 quid with a comedy sketch or clip. I sent in my 1992 hour long video version of ‘A Fistful Of Fingers’ they edited it into a trailer and dubbed on some uproarious laughter from the audience. Check out my extremely short interview right here.

Edgar Wright on Beadle’s Hot Shots (1994)

Three notes. That is not the 16mm feature version of ‘Fistful’. Secondly I definitely remember doing a full interview with the Beadle. Maybe it was ruthlessly cut out. And secondly, I actually worked as researcher on the first series of the show at the age of 20. It was actually a lot of fun working at LWT as a mere child.

Next up is the full interview of myself and a very tactile Jenny Powell. This also features my good friend and great director Corin Hardy. I cannot explain my eye rolls or facial expressions.

Edgar Wright on Gimme5 (1993) – Extended Clip

Finally here is long clip of the opening of the same episode. It doesn’t really feature me but it is archive gold for fans of early 90’s graphics.

Also, look sharp around the 1.30 mark and you can see young Brian Cox, now science superstar, but then a member of D:Ream. Great end of the clip too.

Gimme5 (Intro)

I think that’s it for the while. Maybe I will dig up my ‘Going Live!’ appearance…if you are good.

  • Aaron

    Myself and some friends actually submitted a fairly terrible video to Beadle’s Hotshots, a tale of some geeky ramblers who morphed into Power Rangers. Yes, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Ramblers. My friend Neil was asked by the researcher if we could re-shoot and re-submit it, which we did. It never got shown, but the researcher was Edgar.

  • Sarah5636

    It would be really cool if there was any outtake or extra footage from A Fistful Of Fingers i found a bit on You Tube a while back but would love to see more.

  • cx x

    really inspiring,i wish i could be a great filmmaker like you one day

  • Colton Stock

    It’s awesome that you were able to get some interviews for your films. I would love to do something like this once I make my first feature film. (So far in high school, I’ve been making shorts and winning a few prizes)

  • Its amazing how long you have been doing this. Thats great that they give support to young filmmakers. Great videos.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Yay,these are great !! πŸ™‚ Promise i’ll be good for more EW clips

  • You’re an inspiration to us all! πŸ™‚