Shaun of the Dead / Screen On The Green, London – Saturday, August 25th at 23:30

‘Shaun Of The Dead’ is showing at one of my favourite cinemas, my local in fact, on Saturday, August the 25th as a midnight show. I heartily approve.

If you’ve never been to the renovated ‘Screen On The Green’, I highly recommend it.

For More information hit up the Everyman Cinema’s site or click here to book tickets now.

  • You’ve got red on you…

  • djwolfie

    should make a follow up. would be just as funny.

  • Yes, I want a Cornetto!

  • mylesd98

    player 2 has entered the game “havent you got work?” player 2 has left the game

  • PNuT

    I’m SO there!

  • cannot fault this film at all … a true epic

  • Will there be Cornetto’s?