Who’s That Girl? / #BrandonGenerator

So here’s a thing.

From thousands of contributions we used 69 submissions from the public in the second episode of ‘Brandon Generator’ in the form of dictaphone ideas, prose, creature sketches and voicemails.

But only 68 are credited. Why?

Because we have no details for the lady who left this message in the episode…

So our fictional mystery girl is a real mystery girl.

If this is you then please come forward. We want to credit you and perhaps use you again…

Speaking of which, go to Brandon’s car at the end of Episode 2 and you can write what happens next, draw your own version of events and leave a message for Brandon.

And if you want to be his mystery girl for real, either leave a message as her or upload your photo. Your face could be immortalised by Tommy Lee Edwards and / or your voice could star alongside Julian Barratt. So artists, models, actors and writers…pitch in for Episode 3 now.


13 Responses to “Who’s That Girl? / #BrandonGenerator”
  1. adrienneknight says:

    Mysterious girl here. Using one of my many mystery maintaining accents…

  2. Profpieface says:

    The only bit I don’t get is why the silhouette of the mystery girl (the one above) is the silhouette of his mum from episode 1.
    Or isn’t it? The hair at least looks way different to the girl in the second episode. Have I gone mad and missed something?  

    • Mittley Rangert says:

      Hahaha no you haven’t i was thinking the same thing. Great comment mate, I think you’d really like this.  http://www.metropolismovie.co.uk

  3. fucking addicted to BG , I did a tribute-song for Spaced , It’d be so cool if you listen it: http://soundcloud.com/neon_teeth/spaced

  4. I may be a mysterious girl…but I’m not THEE mysterious girl. Though, I’d like to be…I hope that the mystery girl comes forward. Good luck!

  5. Susan Supercharged says:

    Well I’ll try to upload.

  6. Megan Ryals says:

    Not it, but I love your work!
    Sorry, that was very unhelpful.
    Hope you find your mystery girl!

  7. Tredlow says:

    I thought I was, but then I realized I am a dude. Or, maybe… crazy twist?!

  8. AmberGrindstaff says:

    maybe i am ?


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