Brandon Generator / Episode #2

So here it is, the second episode of ‘The Random Adventures Of Brandon Generator’. Once again with beautiful illustration and animation by Tommy Lee Edwards along with Scott Benson, narration by Julian Barratt, music from David Holmes new project, ‘Unloved’.

Oh and it’s written by me and YOU.

Check the episode to see if you were one of 69 people who contributed to the episode. We also genuinely don’t have the contact details for the mystery American girlfriend, so if that is you, please come forward!

So a) watch it and b) help us write, draw and perform the next one.

This time you can submit prose, leave Brandon voicemails and upload artwork that we will incorporate into the third instalment. And what’s more you can leave a picture of yourself or a friend to be the mystery girl. Or leave a message to play that part. So writers, artists & actors, we need you!

Watch it right now. I look forward to collaborating with you again.

View Brandon Generator Episode #2 Now!

  • I am absolutely in love with this project.  I was thinking it would be amazing if there would be tee-shirts with the image of Brandon looking out the window or of the lovely sketch of the monster available. =)

  • Sarah5636

    Things are getting trippy, love the new episode:)

  • Profpieface

    Loving it. The getting to join in is fun too.
    Just sad its only the four episodes. Do something else like this when you next get any time!

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Awesome Episode 2  (i didn’t make the cut 🙁  though i’m glad beacause their some amazing artist out there!!  ( i suck)

  • This is such a greatidea. You are awesome, Edgar.

  • This is such an awesome idea. You are a great man, Mr. Wright.