Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Late Shows | LA/Houston/Denver | Feb & March

Three cities doing ‘Scott Pilgrim’ midnights very soon; one at the New Beverly this Friday (WITH SPECIAL GUESTS) two at the Landmark in Houston this weekend and in March at the Denver Landmark.

Do let us know if you go.

New Beverly Midnight: Los Angeles

Dates: February 24th, 2012 @ Midnight


Midnight Madness: Landmark Theatre, Houston

Dates: February 24th & 25th, 2012

[Tickets & More]

Midnight Madness: Landmark Theatre, Denver

Dates: March 2nd & 3rd, 2012

[Tickets & More]


16 Responses to “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Late Shows | LA/Houston/Denver | Feb & March”
  1. Stark says:

    STARK GUNN will be there !

  2. Extrastuff011 says:

    I hope sometime it comes to monroeville PA

  3. Adam Coy says:

    England needs Scott Pilgrim!!

  4. Eric says:

    come back to LA one more time please!!!!

  5. SP have a huge list of fan here in mexico c’mon bring them here too please!!!!!!!!!

  6. SP have a huge list of fans in mexico c’mon bring them here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. VIPeterson says:

    The link included Kentucky but it isn’t listed on here. Is this a prank on Kentuckians?

  8. monica escares r. says:

    Yo soy de Chile y no tendre el onor de asistir por motivos obvios,mi pregunta es entonces,tendre la posibilidad de ver imagenes de esto o saldra en algun sitio en vivo????,como saber!!!!!!!,quien sepa ruego me haga llegar la respuesta,agradecida estare ok ♥♥♥

  9. Chris Waits says:

    The link to this post said Kentucky as well… where did it go?

  10. Matthew says:

    If you go, please post photos of the marquee at your theater, people that dress up. Whether it’s instagram or flickr or some other site. Thanks!

  11. matt says:

    Finally SP is back in Houston, I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  12. Moses says:

    don’t tell anyone, but this movie is about me

  13. I could drive to Austin for this!  I’ll even put up with 6th Street on a weekend for it! =D

  14. Matthew says:

    Scott Pilgrim vs the World is the midnight screening on Friday 2/24 & Sat 2/25 at Houston’s River Oaks Theatre

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