Paul Robertson Vs. Attack The Block

Paul Robertson, the pixel genius behind the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ Ubisoft game made this little amazebomb just for fun.

I applaud him!

  • ScottPilgrimJDP

    I would pay a full $60 for that game…

  • So much respect for Robertson, he’s up there with Miyazaki. I’d pay a million quid (if i had it) just to see nice fat 100min epic from him.

  • Anonymous

    Love it! 
    Yes we FINALLY got to see Attack the Block in Australia and it was just as amazing as I had hoped it would be! 
    And the live-by-phone Q & A with Mr Cornish afterward sweetened the deal 🙂

  • Make this a game!!!

    • Lucifer_o_lucy

      mwajajaja! GTAttack the block? for the new nintendo and online, the nearest experiencie about a shaun of the dead videogame. (srew lfd)

  • Corey Houlden

    Attack the Block would make a killer game.

  • Sparkey

    That is amazazing.

  • Paul Robertson also worked on this lovely independant game, made by a whole bunch from the Ubisoft Scott Pilgrim game: