Attack The Block | Amazing Cartoon PSA

The State Theatre in Ann Arbor are still showing ‘Attack The Block’ and artist Jeremy Wheeler is very keen you see it. I concur!

If you’ve looked at the State Theater’s marquee in the past week, you might have noticed a flick called Attack The Block. The Brit sci-fi/horror adventure has attracted rave reviews from critics and moviegoers who’ve seen it. Many others have heard of it—possibly through Newsfeed ravings, though some are still in the dark about this ultra-cool flick. Not surprisingly, rumors are that its lack of advertising is due to Hollywood’s fear of Americans being unable to deal with the cast’s thick South London accents.

The good news is that the State decided just today to keep this massively entertaining picture on the big screen (on film, no less) for one more week, so hop to it. Sure, it’s being released on DVD and Blu-Ray October 25th, but as its devotees will attest, this is a film that should be seen in a theater. Consider the following a public service announcement in comic form.

By Jeremy Wheeler September 19, 2011

Via Attack The Block | Film | Funny Pages | The A.V. Club Ann Arbor – 19/09/11

  • Thanks Edgar! Make sure Joe gets to see it, will ‘ya? Am working on a killer Sex Bob-Omb piece for an upcoming art show right now. Will update when the show goes up.