Attack the Block US Release Expands | August 26th, 2011

Remember to check local listings to confirm screen times and locations.

New Dates

Centurion Uptown 8
Birmingham (Detroit)
Tickets and Showtimes

Carmike Beverly 18
Champaign, IL
Tickets and Showtimes

IND Cedar-Lee 6
Cleveland Heights, OH
Check local listings

AMC Lennox 24
Columbus, OH
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IND Zeitgeist Art Cinema 2
Duluth, MN
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AMC Castleton 14
Indianapolis, IN
Tickets and Showtimes

Marcus Sycamore 12
Iowa City, IA
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NCG Eastwood Lansing 18
Lansing, MI
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Marcus Grand 14
Lincoln, NE
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Tri-State Baxter Avenue 8
Louisville, KY
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AMC Oakview 24
Omaha, NE
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IND Denver Film Center
Denver, CO
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Cin Ent Premiere 9
State College, PA
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CPX Scotiabank
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Lesser Village Quad
New York, NY
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IND Charles Theatre
Baltimore, MD
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IND Lyric Café
Ft. Collins, CO
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Harkins Tucson Spectrum
Tucson, AZ
Check local listings

Regal Village Square
Las Vegas, NV
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  • Serenity3891

    Alberta Canada!!

  • Prytania Theater in New Orleans. MAKE IT HAPPEN!


  • AmberGrindstaff

    Damn .. no NC … but we do have a hurricane :/

  • Tennessee, shafted again! I wanna see this, people told me it’s like The Wire with aliens!

  • Larzon

    Tried to go see it in Montreal today but the staff couldn’t get their new digital system to work. Everybody went home with a refund. Partie remise.

  • Would love to see it in Maine! Pretty please. 😉

  • Come to Danbury CT!

  • Rory

    How and why is this not in Philadelphia yet. For serious, my adopted home town.

  • Anonymous

    Is it a conspiracy that they keep releasing all around Louisiana but not actually IN Louisiana?? New Orleans needs you! Please come soon!

    • Sean

      Ya damn right. I had to be in Dallas to see it. And it’s totally worth it.

    • Sean

      They’re actually starting to play it Friday at Elmwood AMC 20 in Harahan according to some websites. Hope I’m right cause I’m going to see it again lol.

  • Knarf Black

    Aww crap. Now I have to drive all the way to Duluth.

  • Daniel C.

    I just moved to school from Louisville! D:

  • James

    Awesome – finally coming to Omaha