MiDNiTES FOR MANiACS presents an Edgar Wright TRIPLE BILL | August 26th Castro Theatre, San Francisco, CA.

Hey there, the lovely people at the Castro Theatre have been asking me to come up to San Francisco all year and it looks very likely that I will be there end of August. (And in the slim chance I don’t it will be for very good reason).

I have heard amazing things about this beautiful cinema, so I am looking forward to seeing it and presenting a triple bill of my movies. So I hope to see you in San Francisco, one of my very favourite cities.

P.S. I will be asking for food, drink, coffee and shopping recommendations when in town. Post below.

Writer/Director Edgar Wright, who will be here in San Francisco at the historic Castro Movie Palace iN PERSON (schedule permitting), will be showcasing his three feature films as well as numerous odds and ends from his oeuvre (the Grindhouse trailer DON’T!) as well as introducing each film and holding a Q&A on stage with host Jesse Hawthorne Ficks! This extraordinary event costs ONLY $15 so buy your tickets early! This is gonna be one helluva nite!


7:00pm – SCOTT PiLGRiM VS. THE WORLD (2010)
Based on the graphic novel by Brian Lee O’Malley
Containing: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Johnny Simmons, Jason Schwartzman, Aubrey Plaza, Alison Pill

People all around the country are madly obsessed with this brilliantly intelligent, coming-of age extravaganza! On par with films such as RUSHMORE and ELECTiON, it’s chock full of progressive poignancy, 8-bit nostalgia, really-relatable side characters (with Kieran Culkin giving one of the greatest performances ever!) and a unique, unstoppable creativity that proves that Mr. Edgar Wright is a modern force to be reckoned with. Not only is this the movie you would have snuck into ten times to see when you were a teenager, it reminds you that you can still do that sort of thing… RiGHT NOW! 35mm print courtesy of Universal. 112min.

NOTE: There will be a Q&A on stage with Edgar Wright and Jesse Hawthorne Ficks immediately following SCOTT PiLGRiM.

Watch the trailer:

plays with

9:45pm – HOT FUZZ (2007)
Written by Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright
Containing: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman

Capturing the "buddy cop" genre has been attempted before and after this brilliant little ditty (see Kevin Smith’s COP OUT and Adam McKay’s THE OTHER GUYS), but what makes HOT FUZZ such a contemporary classic is that it actually achieves it’s own place alongside the films it’s in love with: POiNT BREAK and BAD BOYS 2. This genuine British Bro-mance between real-life BFFs, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost will completely sneak up on you, as they strive for purpose through their small town shenanigans. Widescreen 35mm print courtesy of Focus. 121min.

Watch the trailer:

plays with

11:59pm – SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004)
Written by Simon Pegg & Nick Frost
Containing: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield & Lucy Davis

Riding high off their decade defining TV series SPACED (1999), this gang of Brits translated their genius to the big screen and gave the world one of the all time great Zombie parodies while at the same time (like HOT FUZZ) carving out it’s own top-spot within the genre it loves! What would a couple of modern day stoners do if the world were overrun with flesh eating corpses? Edgar Wright and company deliver a bloody great romp that only gets better and better with multiple viewings! This must be seen at the greatest movie theatre in the United States with the director IN PERSON introducing it to a whole new generation preceded by a RARE 35mm print of Wright’s Grindhouse trailer DON’T! Widescreen 35mm print courtesy of Focus. 99min.

Watch the trailer:


People are flying from across the country for this special event!

ONLY $15 for one or all three films!
Notes written and event curated by Jesse Hawthorne Ficks
email him at midnites4maniacs@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

    close to the theater for good food and a solid beer list, check out Starbelly. http://www.starbellysf.com/  so looking forward to this event. the Castro is an incredible theater. and your films also happen to be incredible so…yes.

  • If you walk up market to Church, take a left and across from safeway there’s a burrito place called Taqueria del Castillo. My personal favorite burrito in the city. Also the mediterranean burger at Park Gyros (9th and lincoln) is a treat. And, as previously stated, Ike’s place. Enjoy SF, and the Castro theatre is gorgeous.

  • Jez Hildred

    Check out Isotope Comics in nearby Hayes Valley . . . . You and James Sime (the owner) are made for each other (in the nicest possible way).

  • Brittanybsterrett

    Orphan Andie’s is a great 24 hour restaurant/diner right around the corner from the Castro. I highly recommend it!

  • I’m seriously thinking of coming down from Vancouver for this.  Unless, we could do something similar up here in Van.  Oh, and my recommendation is the Slanted Door at the Ferry Building.  

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  • Jackie

    Amoeba Music on Haight Street. Tons of rare and cult movies and music.

  • Christian

    Ice cream at Mitchell’s is definitely a must. It’s a small place but their ice cream is one of the best. http://www.mitchellsicecream.com/

  • Charlotte Kryska

    For Pizza: Pizza Orgasmic or Eagle’s Pizza
    For Sushi: Kiki’s Sushi
    For Sandwiches: Ike’s Place
    For Cupcakes: Kara’s Cupcakes
    For Milkshakes: Gott’s
    For Organic Produce: Saturday mornings at the Ferry Building
    For Frozen Yogurt: Nubi.
    Places to shop: Japantown (cool things), Chinatown (cheap things), Union Square (expensive things).

  • Try HOT COOKIE It’s right up the street from the Castro Theatre. Their cookies are SO GOOD!!!

    Also try IKE’S PLACE on 16th Street @ Sanchez (also a few blocks away from the theatre). You SHOULD NOT pass up these delicious and creative sandwiches!!!

  • Rena W

    Want a big, nommy sandwich? Enjoy Ikes! http://ilikeikesplace.com/

  • For those that have 4 hours to kill between the last film ending (around 2am) and the first BART train to SFO at 6AM, does anyone have any recommendations in the city for all night eateries/coffee shops? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Ah, never mind. Thanks to 511.org, I found a way to just leave the theater and get to the airport to hopefully take a nap before my flight. I believe they still have free wifi at the airport too.

      Hey Edgar, if you like to shop for vinyl, I recommend Rasputin and Amoeba Records in Berkeley (great jazz selection) and the Amoeba in San Francisco as well (fairly near the movie theater.) Last time I went to Rasputin in Berkeley I found a still sealed copy of Criterion’s out of print “Ran” for $35.

  • Sushi Bistro and Humphry Slocombe — both in the Mission District.

    Best sushi rolls and ice cream in the city — possibly in the entire country.

    Beware of large burritos before sitting through 6 hours of films 😉

    I also recommend A16, if you’re in the mood for an amazing pizza. Best burger in the city at NOPA or Zuni Cafe. For breakfast the next morning before your flight, I recommend Dottie’s True Blue Cafe.

  • Ice cream at @humphryslocombe!   http://twitpic.com/5s98lx

  • I’ll be in California (San Diego) this weekend but not in August. What a Shame  because I would love to see SOTD again on the big screen. Maybe next time.

  • There are two options for coffee in San Francisco, Blue Bottle and Philz. I would recommend the latter if you have not tried it before but you cannot go wrong with either.

  • In the Castro, Starbelly: www.starbellysf.com/

    In the Mission, get a burrito. Pancho Villa’s is a good place.

    The best coffee in town is at Four Barrel or Ritual Roasters (both on Valencia in the Mission) or Blue Bottle. 

    You can’t go wrong with most of the food offered at the Ferry Building, in my experience. 

  • Storybookthief

    shopping: Kayo Books  http://www.kayobooks.com/

  • Dean H

    Two words for eats: Pizza Orgasmica!

  • Dean H

    Two words for eats: Pizza Orgasmica!

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