Too Much Fighting On The Dancefloor

‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials was released 30 years ago today.

An eternal classic and one of the best British No.1 singles of them all, it still resonates for me today.

The intro was seared into my brain at a very young age, so it’s perhaps not surprising that it opens ‘Shaun Of The Dead’.

Please be haunted by it all over again…

NB. Wikipedia helpfully informs me that it knocked Michael Jackson’s ‘One Day In Your Life’ off the top spot and was later dethroned by ‘Green Door’ by Shakin’ Stevens. So I guess the reign of biting political songs at the top of the hit parade was shortlived.

  • This has been my girlfriend’s ringtone for, like, 5 years. It just never gets old. Even when you hear the same six seconds of it thirty times a day.

  • AmberGrindstaff

    That’s hard to believe it’s 30 years old  .. classic, excellent

  • I had never heard of the song till Shaun Of The Dead. Fun video.

  • Tina D

    One of my ALL time favorite bands!!!

  • oh. i just felt the desire to share a video with you:

    that’s a video I made last year, during a holiday. I used to live in this small town, and as a holiday, the city would get really empty, so i decided to ride my bike around and make some footage. back at home I decided to put the scenes on a black and white video and rock some GHOST TOWN by the specials as a soundtrack.

    (I was actually ripping of another video a lot better than mine that i saw before)(but it was fun)

  • Anonymous

    I’ll always remember it in the Father Ted episode where they get a priest to DJ a benefit, only for him to forget his entire record collection – except for “Ghost Town”, which then gets played non-stop all evening.

    “And now, stand for our national anthem” – (Opening to “Ghost Town” plays, again)

  • Yearder

    Was #1 on the day I was born.  I rooooool!