Bass Battle – Bobby C Sound TV Remix

Everyday I get sent links to remixes and mash ups of ‘Scott Pilgrim’. It’s actually impossible to keep up in a most pleasing way.

Given that myself, Paul Machliss and Jon Amos spent a year editing that movie, it’s hugely satisfying to see these riffs and rejigs spinning on into entirety. Makes it all worthwhile.

This was posted in December, but I’ve only just been sent it and it’s brilliant. We recorded the riff to this track in 2008 (Jason Falkner played the part) and so it blows my little mind to see it made into a great track in its own right.

Bobby C, I belatedly approve.

And if you liked that, I also recommend Scott Pilgrim Vs Dubstep.

  • Bobbycsoundtv

    Thanks a ton for the props. Truly made my life! Here’s my Shaun Of The Dead remix as well,

    A DJ in England wrote me recently to mention that he showed this to his sister Jessica Hynes who played Yvonne in the film and she loved it. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again!

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Perfect Driving Music 🙂