Scott Pilgrim Vs My Little Pony?

If you have ever lay in bed at night and wondered to yourself what a mash up of ‘Scott Pilgrim’ and ‘My Little Pony’ would look like, then wonder no more…

Uploaded by BronyComms on Apr 29, 2011

I spent much more time on this than I probably should have.

Video: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World teaser trailer

Audio: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World teaser trailer.

  • Fluttershy/guy/rage

    Flutterguy is back. And is gonna kick some ass! X’)

  • Just, brilliant 😀 Ow, too funny

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  • This makes me actually want to see the My Little Pony movie. Whats wrong with me?

  • This makes me actually want to see the My Little Pony movie. Whats wrong with me?

    • Fengor

      It’s actually a series, the first two episodes that acted as the pilot are what’s billed as a movie. But yes, come; join the herd

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  • Like it!!!

  • Mark Royters

    So not related to this story at all but I just thought I’d tell you that mentioning your name at my local Paul screening (in Australia) did not get me a free ticket. Instead it ended up with me telling the manager all about your films…I feel like you owe me $11

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Would have never thought of that SP vs My Little Pony vs 80’s memories.. I like it 🙂

  • That’s awesome, strange idea to mash them but works. Here’s some other 80s cartoons that could do with the Scott Pilgrim treatment:

  • Jessica

    Rofl. Oh, that was so well done! Kudos to the person that did it. Even as a magical my little pony, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is still beautiful. Hehe.

  • Spike won’t win. Everyone knows the ponies are all lesbians. ;D

    • JonathonWilder

      The most you can say is their bi, and that is mainly for the fanfic writers. Show wise sexual oriatation is not brought up at all apart from Rarity as she says she is looking for a prince.

    • Even big mac?