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This morning a flurry of people sent me the link for the new The Vines video ‘Gimme Love‘. Many people pointed out that it was a homage to Sex Bob Omb and the opening credit sequence of ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs The World’. Some asked if I thought it was a homage or a rip off? Some asked If I actually directed it. (I didn’t.)

Well, what do I think? I am very flattered.

Was a big fan of The Vines first album ‘Highly Evolved’ in 2002 and indeed loved the Roman Coppola video for ‘Get Free‘ so seeing this makes me smile.

Nice to know that someone was taking notes out there!

If you want to compare and contrast, go check out the ‘Art Of The Title‘ article on our opening sequence, featuring in-depth interviews with me, my graphic wizard of a brother Oscar, VFX supervisor Frazer Churchill and animation geniuses Shynola about how we achieved the effects in our movie.

It also features a clip of the video I did for ‘Summer‘ by Charlotte Hatherley that was one of the inspirations for the Sex Bob Omb opening sequence. So, you’ll see I’m not above ripping myself off.

And finally to show that I myself have done film homage in music video please enjoy my steadicam one take video for The Bluetones, which basically would not exist without my childhood favourite ‘Bugsy Malone’.

Quelle Homage!

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  • That Bluetones video is the bees knees. You got some talented child labor.

  • Rapeymcgee

    Just curious, what kind of rendering time was put into the opening titles with all those crazy lightning bolts and “pow” symbols for the live action sequences?

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  • I *KNEW* I should be listening to more Bluetunes. Their song in the OST is just awesome, and I was meaning to get to know the rest of their work for ages, and now I now I will be a fan, thanks to this last video.

    And Charlotte Hatherley? God-damn that’s a beautiful woman right there. I listened to her first solo album like crazy a few years ago, but somehow I just forgot about her… until now.

    So double-thank you, Wright!

  • hey:)

    “Quel homage!” and not “Quelle Homage!”

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  • John C Keefer

    Nothing much to add other than have you heard Yuck? Pretty awesome UK/US band I am not affiliated with that I think might be up your alley. I am associated with this however:

    Love your face…specifically you and your beautiful collaborators faces…love that is!

  • Hey Edgar,

    Thought I would drop by and say hi.
    Firstly my humble respects to you as a film-maker. I loved ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’, and just like Knives Chow, I did geek out over the opening credits. When I found out Shynola were involved, I was doubly buzzed. It is with this love, respect and admiration, I thought a music video homage to Scott Pilgrim would not be out of order, and applying a similar kind of treatment for The Vines ‘Gimme Love’ video, just seemed to fit…

    I am a film-maker and a fan. Not sure why some people feel its unacceptable to be both, but there you have it. I try to make films I would want to see. I directed, shot and edited this video and got involved with the graphics, and still thought it worked the way you did it, so I didn’t see a need to mess with the approach too greatly, just for the sake of it. I love comics of all types which were also a significant influence that people seem to miss, and this is how it ended up.

    I made this video as a homage, not as a rip-off. Its a homage because I think it fits, is coming from the right place and is in fitting with your movie and respectful of it. I am not trying to sell breakfast cereal or toilet paper, its a ‘Vines’ music video!

    I am very glad you are both flattered and smiling.

    I was not trying to hide where it was coming from, and when I spoke to Craig about the approach I wanted to take before we filmed it, he said he loved your film and that was it. I was clearly aiming at an audience who dug ‘Scott Pilgrim’ as I did, because the Vines new album feels like it shares something in common with the chords your movie struck. I am glad some of your fans are already making the connect. I do encourage the ‘haters’ who’ve already made negative comments on youtube to see it as a homage and try to adjust their perspective accordingly. The Vines are a top band. They write short, simple, honest rock n roll pop songs. They don’t try to hide their influences or be something they are not. Why should I when making a video for their music, especially if I think it works.

    Tom Spark
    Director of the ‘Gimme Love’ music video

    • Hey there, as I hope I expressed above, am flattered and I dig it.

  • It’s only when you compare Scott Pilgrim vs The World to anything else going, that you realise how bloody brilliant it is. Again.

    What a film.

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  • I’m your fucking fan!!!

  • Dude! Bugsy Malone! Love that movie! When I direct a music video I think I’ll pay homage to my favorite childhood movie Labyrinth. Or another family favorite, The Wizard. Or, or Tremors. Damn, I love me some Tremors.

  • Ryan Edgington

    Didn’t you say in the commentary that Lucas Lee’s response to Wallace telling him he’s a big fan is based off of what the lead singer of the Vines said to you?

    • No, that was The Hives. And said in jest.

      • Ryan Edgington

        Oh, right! Also, I watched Beyond the Valley of the Dolls last night per your recommendation. I think I may have a new favorite film.

      • Ryan Edgington

        Oh, right! Also, I watched Beyond the Valley of the Dolls last night per your recommendation. I think I may have a new favorite film.