Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Matrix

One of these films is shot by Bill Pope.

The other is shot by Bill Pope.

Both star Torontonians.

But which is which?

Thanks to AEmovieguy for this hilarious mash up.

True story. Bill Pope also shot the Freaks & Geeks pilot. I once suggested to him that Scott Pilgrim Vs The World would be equidistant between Freak & Geeks and The Matrix.



7 Responses to “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Matrix”
  1. THiSGaMeSuX says:

    Yeah i saw this too, clearly “Whoa.” is the best part.

  2. Nick says:

    Someone else did another great mash-up of INCEPTION and THE MATRIX below…


  3. This is just crying out to have some shots from Bill & Ted slotted in :P

  4. AmberGrindstaff says:

    Oh That was Great! :D

  5. You know I figured the sequel to Scott Pilgrim would look a lot more like the Matrix. O’Malley’s already talking about the next evil-exes.

  6. Zak says:

    I love that AEmovieguy insisted on adding the “KO” at the end even though it’s not in the same trailer. Definitely worth it because it worked so perfectly.

  7. Anonymous says:

    OMGLKSJDFLSKJDGFLG greatest thigne ver

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