It’s here… The Official Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Teaser Trailer

Like the subject heading says.

Hope you enjoy.

You can stream it now over at


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    57 Responses to “It’s here… The Official Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Teaser Trailer”
    1. Trailers de Filmes says:

      so pelo trailer ja parece que o filme sera muito bom valew ai

    2. Trailers de Filmes says:

      so pelo trailer ja parece que o filme sera muito bom valew ai

    3. Michelle says:

      Well, I give it a 9 out of 10, and that is only because it isn't centered around Simon and Nick. :)

    4. TheNakedGenius says:

      Edgar Have You Just Out Done Yourself?
      Well I Think That Is Quite Possibly So!
      I Love The Books And It Looks Like I Am Going To Love The Movie.
      Thank You For The Work That You Do.

    5. Breadbox says:

      sir, thank you. thank you.

    6. i can not wait for this you have like no idea.

    7. Profpieface says:

      Can't wait! looks amazing.
      I love the line “I have to de-fight?” “defeat”

    8. Jane says:


    9. carrieanna says:

      LOVED IT! And I'm psyched by all the stuff they've had on IMDB about you and the movie the past couple of days.

    10. Hubert_J_Hoonsworth says:

      Looks promising. But what else did I expect… :P

      All the best with the movie!

    11. hoglumps says:

      GOOD ON YA, MATE!!! Huge fan of both you AND the comics and I can already filling myself well up with nerdgasmic delight.

    12. Gavin says:


    13. dylan37 says:

      This, Edgar, might be the best thing I have ever seen. You are a Directorial wizard.

      P.S. to everyone who has been leaving nasty comments on Youtube: Fuck You!

    14. Peta says:

      Damn that looks bad ass!

    15. SarahAC says:

      I woke to this trailer first thing this morning (Melbourne time) and fell instantly in LOVE with it.
      I did not imagine I could possibly be MORE excited about this film but I absolutely am!

    16. John Keefer says:

      Finally, lesbian Anne beats the crap out of George Michael.

      Beautiful. Cheers.

    17. Neil Neenan says:

      Increbidle, as Brian Butterfield would say. I posted a comment yesterday but it didn't bloody send. Anyway, as I said yesterday, if this is the 'teaser' trailer and there is another trailer coming… holy shizzle!

      I really can't wait for this 3rd (or should I say 4th including A FISTFUL OF FINGERS?) feature length installment from you, Edgar. You know what I love? Not just the visuals in your stuff but the audio is always amazing. Such awesome attention to detail. The foley artists must have their work cut out for them when they sign up to work on an E-ball project.

      Hope you're planning an event for the UK release!

    18. southamericanidiot88 says:

      Suck my applesized tits, it looks amazing!
      And a movie makin Michael Cera look so badass! Well played, sir!

    19. Mark Royters says:

      Finally a trailer. Looks absolutely incredible!

    20. kimba2488 says:

      Best day after my birthday EVER!

    21. Daniel says:

      Edgar, i just want to say thankyou, so very very very much. You are my favourite director, and the SP novels are my favourite books. It appears to have done a stirling job, so thankyou. Kepp up the good work, forever your fan, Daniel.

    22. derricko says:

      fucken amazing

    23. Beaver says:

      Shit dude, you nailed it! Loved the blatant TTC bus, Chris Evans looks literally pitch-perfect and will no doubt steal the show and MEW is looking adorable. We've been waiting for this for so long and somehow you managed to live up to the expectations. Mass respect to you, sir.

    24. Hazza says:

      The gold is being fried as we speak and is coming along nicely!

    25. therozblog says:

      AWWWW HELL YEAH!! :) Congrats to my favourite director. Can't wait.

    26. Colin Cooper says:

      Very cool. Really captures the feel of the comic. I love that the guy Scott kills at the end turns into coins. It's the little details that matter :-D

      Oh, and is Gideon's sword….pixelated?

    27. Rem says:

      Does anyone know if this trailer is getting attached in front of a movie anytime soon? This deserves to be seen on the big screen.
      Loved that there's an announcer yelling “K.O.!”

    28. Neil N says:

      I am on my fifth watch now, and will probably keep watching this over and over tonight. Incredible, I am so excited about this now, it’s just like nothing I’ve ever seen before. A bite of revolutionary cake. I hope there will be an event pre-release date!

      Nice one Edgar, I salute you. And if that is the teaser… holy shit.

    29. Sarah5636 says:

      That contained alot of awesome. It seems weird to be finally watching it after a year of photos & watching video blogs. Love MEW she looks ace, the evil exes look great too, especially Evans. Look forward to seeing some of the other characters in the next trailer. As always Edgar you are rocking my world :)

    30. ObiRobKenobi says:

      Wow. Mr. Wright, I have been a little apprehensive about how my favorite comic books series would translate onto the big screen but I must say that my faith in you appears to be well placed. This trailer shattered any worry I had. I will be at the first showing of this movie! Thank you so much for the amazing trailer!

    31. Jessie says:

      Oh I’m so pumped for Aug. 13th! It looks amazing and I expected nothing less!

    32. cordeliaistheone says:

      SO GOOD.
      SO SO GOOD!!!!!!
      I love it/you/EVERYTHING
      The “WHUD” etc. = parfait – nice touch
      Roxy was my favourite part haha
      I've watched the trailer 3 times now and her “prepare to die” *whip action* still makes me laugh out loud
      This film looks AMAZING
      And so much like the books it's unreal!
      *off to re-read them for the gazillionth time*

    33. frifri says:

      CONGRATULATIONS!! I feel like we've all been watching you make a baby for what seems like forever and it's great to finally see the little sucker coming out headfirst. This is gonna be great.

      Chris Evans, call me.

    34. Brilliant sir! Utterly brilliant! Bring on the Sex Bob-omb!

    35. Red says:

      It looks fucking fantastic! Thank you!

    36. akabob says:

      Yes, we enjoy!

    37. Eryn Dearden says:

      I was having trouble visualizing what all the crazy on-screen effects might look like, and while I still think the sound effects lettering in some parts is a little weird-looking, for the most part it all just blows me away. HOLY FREAKING SHIT. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD I also like the intensity on Michael Cera at the part when he says, “I will rip them apart.” He still seems a little Cera-ish overall, but still looks like he'll be able to pull off a pretty great Scott (no pun intended).

      Anyway, will be re-watching repeatedly until the next one comes out. Oh mans.

    38. Jessie says:

      That trailer is amazing! I expected nothing else from you Edgar! I can't wait for August 13th!

    39. Jonathan says:

      You are the master of awesomeness… Congratulations from Argentina…

    40. Michael Black says:

      You nailed it!!!! This looks unbelievably amazing!

    41. angleart says:

      *sniff* dunt werk on my puter, any chance of putting it on Youtube?……….(ducks and covers head)

    42. montandsarm says:



    43. Joel Vallie says:

      Talk about the wost moment for Mexico to have its weekly internet problems. I finally got it working and let me just say well done my friend the teaser is amazing. I cant wait to see this please if you have a release party in Austin let me know. I feel like a crack head because now I need more and the release date is still so far way.

    44. Rich Wilson says:

      Thanks Edgar, that looks as great as I thought it would. Love the look, the photography, the editing – pitch perfect my friend. Cannot wait to see the completed picture.

    45. Ward says:

      Awesome job man! I havent been this pumped for a movie for like, 8 years!

      I'm tearing up over the awesome. That or hyperventilating. Or both at the same time! I'm Hyperventearating!

    46. Robert Frost says:

      Oh my GOD! It looks AWESOME! This has made my Birthday-eve (birthday tomorrow) even better! I can't wait! :D

    47. SilentBen says:

      More Fantastic than Mr Fox.

    48. Tanuki says:

      Epic indeed.
      I have nothing else to add. Except maybe FUCK YEAH

    49. Les says:

      I've never heard of Scott Pilgrim before learning you were making this. Looks like a blast. Thanks Edgar!

    50. T.F says:

      WOOO!! F###ING WHOOO!!
      so yeah, maybe i'll see it..

    51. rolandogilead says:

      Wow! Congratulations from Chile! Since Spaced you're a gret dude! xD Scott Pilgrim is gonna rocks!

    52. rahentho says:

      It's… It's REAL!

    53. AmberGrindstaff says:

      Holy Yes!!!! Love it! Can't wait :)


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