• Anonymous

    I like the pink, green & blue colours together at the end. This looks cool.

  • Sarah5636

    I like pink green & blue ones together at the end. This looks cool.

  • I need to see this,I need to see this,I need to see this,I need to see this… movie.

  • Martin

    This is getting more and more exciting! Finally I start to believe you actually shot a Scott Pilgrim movie! Not that I doubted it … it just hadn't sunk in yet

  • Anonymous

    ah she’s by the orange, pink, green, blue, purples.

    is she dying her hair to be more like Ramona? that’s really sad if she is. aww.

  • dylan37

    Go for the blue Knives Chau (I that rymes If you miss pronounces Chau).

  • AmberGrindstaff

    Red,Black,Brown…. which color.. That's me about every month 🙂

    Love it.. can't wait to se it all

  • Slick

    I love it. I've done that a million times myself. So familiar.

  • Nadine

    That will look a-MAZing from the intended viewpoint (in a cinema near you, 2010). You are a clever chap, really, aren't you.

  • Dan

    Looks exactly like the book… minus that every box has the same expression (a nice touch, I might add)

  • OMG it's Knives Chau! I LOVE U! She's looking over the pink highlights!! OM!G OMG!! OMG!!!

  • SarahAC

    “Oooh Rude Red!” [/Spaced-Pilgrim Mash-up]